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Cruise ship worker left shocked after revealing size of shower that crew have to use

Cruise ship worker left shocked after revealing size of shower that crew have to use

Royal Caribbean is set to launch its Utopia of the Seas ship, which will become the joint-second-largest cruise ship in the world

Two workers preparing to set sail on the joint-second largest cruise ship in the world have revealed what living quarters are like on board for crew. And they're not too impressed by the size of one particular item: the shower.

Royal Caribbean's Utopia of the Seas is just weeks away from setting sail around the world, with only one other cruise ship in the world beating it for size.

With a passenger capacity of 5,668 holidaymakers and more than 2,200 staff, almost, 8,000 people will be sailing across the open seas after it sets sail next Friday (19 July).

And for the last few months, crew have been quietly working away on the ship on the French coast to make sure everything works as it should do before it sets sail.

This even includes eating in the customer buffet areas to make sure there's no unknown errors that might need a last minute fix, such as a broken cooker or hot plate.

One member of the crew is Bryan James, a musician who works on crew ships almost all year round.

Documenting his life on TikTok and YouTube, Bryan has lifted the lid on what life has been like for crew preparing to launch Utopia later this month.

Head touching the ceiling. Not ideal. (TikTok / @bryanjamescruises)
Head touching the ceiling. Not ideal. (TikTok / @bryanjamescruises)

That has included showing off the 'hilarious' size of his room on the brand new boat, which left some of his viewers in total shock.

But it was another part of the room that left Bryan and his crew mate Jeff a little more lacking in space.

When showing off the room and how Bryan can in fact touch every wall of it at the same time when lying in his bed, they moved on to the cleaning facilities.

A shared toilet sitting between two of the tiny rooms, it really makes the rooms feel rather spacious.

The tiny shared toilet and shower room (TikTok / @bryanjamescruises)
The tiny shared toilet and shower room (TikTok / @bryanjamescruises)

"Speaking of limited space, all these rooms have to share a bathroom," Bryan says.

"What are they called? Jack and Jill rooms?"

Bryan then says to Jeff it was time to capture the 'famous shower shot' as hidden away on the tiny shared bathroom was a boxy shower cubicle.

Given Jeff is 6ft5, it wasn't ideal for anyone who stands tall.

"This is the second most frustrating part of the experience, these showers," Jeff says.

"Once again, not complaining because I love these rooms so much.

"But if I just kinda barely go up on my tip toes there, there's the ceiling."

Bryan playfully added: "You can never get the actual shower head over your head, you have to kneel down."

The footage is rather claustrophobic, leaving very little room to move even slightly.

Commenting, one person wrote: "Wow! I’ve been a musician on RCCL and Norwegian and we had way more room than that on the old ships. I could stand up and get dressed. I had my own bathroom. I won’t be doing ships anymore."

Another wrote: "The bathroom is freaking me out."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @bryanjamescruises

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