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Cruise ship worker shocks as he shows off 'hilarious' size of his room on brand new boat

Cruise ship worker shocks as he shows off 'hilarious' size of his room on brand new boat

There's small and then there's SMALL

A cruise ship worker has left viewers shocked after showing off the 'hilarious' size of his new cabin on the second largest cruise ship on the planet.

Given that thousands of people are travelling on a cruise ship at any one time, it is a given that the vast majority of people don't get ample room when it comes to journeying across the open seas.

Sure, you can book mega suites that cost thousands every night, but there's only so many of them (even if you have the cash).

Additionally, given that they are a popular vacation vessel, it should come as no surprise that passenger cabins get priority over, say, crew members' quarters.

But one of the world's newest cruise liners has left TikTok users gobsmacked due to its size.

Bryan James, who works on cruise ships for 11 months of the year, took to TikTok to reveal he will be joining the maiden voyage of Royal Caribbean's Utopia of the Seas when it sets sail on 19 July.

And ahead of its first trip across the seas, he and other workers were allowed on the ship as it was in the final stages of construction.

Bryan, who regularly shares his experiences from his life on cruise ships, gave viewers a sneak peek of what lies inside Utopia. And that included his personal living quarters.

Be warned, though, as it is not exactly very spacious. And by that, we mean mightily small, with Bryan even saying he can 'touch every wall at once'.

It has to be seen to be believed:

Wow, that's small (TikTok / @bryanjamescruises)
Wow, that's small (TikTok / @bryanjamescruises)

"This is it guys. Everything you see is everything I have," Bryan says.

"It is so hilariously small. Laying in your bed you can touch every drawer, your fridge, your trash can, your sink, your mirror, your phone your lighting.

"The only thing you can't reach is the bathroom. You can touch every wall at once."

In another video, Bryan says: "Take your childhood bedroom... cut it in half, then cut it in half two more times, and that's about the size of this place."

Bryan then revealed that he had to share a toilet with the room next to his, with it sitting between the two cabins and having access doors on either side.

A tiny shower also formed part of this room, making it more of a wet room.

The tiny shared bathroom with both access doors open (TikTok / @bryanjamescruises)
The tiny shared bathroom with both access doors open (TikTok / @bryanjamescruises)

Bryan said: "Speaking of limited space, all of these rooms have to share bathrooms."

Taking us back to the room, he revealed that 'because there's no space' he has been forced to put the room's stool in his wardrobe.

"If there's any stressor of this room it's managing space and what you have which is why I try and only bring one bag of stuff because if you try and bring more than one bag... there's just no room," he said.

Responding, one viewer wrote: "Okay that is outrageously small but I think I like it better than the traditional crew cabin I used to have with the bunk beds and only a curtain for privacy."

Another posted: "There are prison cells bigger than those rooms, that's awful."

And a third said: "It seems the bigger the ship, the smaller your rooms. That sucks, I'm sorry."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @bryanjamescruises

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