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Ryanair offering £20 flights to ‘Garden of Europe’ where winter is 23 degrees and pints cost €2

Ryanair offering £20 flights to ‘Garden of Europe’ where winter is 23 degrees and pints cost €2

It's pretty nice there at all times of the year

For a relatively low price you could hop off on holiday to a veritable jewel of the Mediterranean and enjoy some winter sunshine, provided you pick the right time.

There's a spot on the Spanish coastline where the pints are cheap, the sun is shining and you can pretend we aren't still trudging through the doldrums of winter.

Getting there might be a tad tricky, but there's a solution to that one if you know how to choose your moment.

At time of writing, a check of Ryanair has them offering me a flight for under £20 as long as it's one-way on 25 February.

However, with flights like this it's all about the timing as trying to travel the day before or after doubles the price, while if I wanted to hop on the same flight tomorrow I'd be forking over almost £200.

Yeah, you'd want to visit this place.
Nico De Pasquale/Getty

Fortunately, if I did want to travel out on that day I'd be able to enjoy sunny weather and a forecasted temperature of 23 degrees.

It's not exactly sweltering but it's warm enough to grant you some much-needed respite from the shivering conditions of the British winter, not to mention the punishing downpours of rain.

Then again, those costs are for a one-way trip and as nice as it sounds every holiday must end.

Whether you want some rolling Spanish hills as your scenery or do like to be beside the seaside, the city of Murcia has what you're looking for.

Funnily enough it's situated in a region of Spain that's also called Murcia, so do remember that we're talking about the city here, even if the rest of it looks lovely as well.

Murcia, f**k yeah!
Getty Stock Photo

If you're in the right place then the pints will set you back as little as €2, so you could probably afford a flight out there and a decent time drinking with just some of your wallet wonga.

Those looking to get closer to nature can instead enjoy the lush green fields which sit snugly below mountains and give Murcia the name 'Garden of Europe'.

Plus, if we're being entirely honest the winter would be the right time to go anyway as a temperature of 23 degrees is pleasant, while given the ravages of climate change the actual Murcian summer would be likely be enough to force you to combust.

There's a difference between lovely warm weather where you can bask beneath a generous sun and sweating yourself out of existence while breathing air so hot it scorches your lungs.

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