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Ryanair flying to European city with world's 'cheapest beer' and 300 days of sun for less than £15

Ryanair flying to European city with world's 'cheapest beer' and 300 days of sun for less than £15

An absolute bargain break!

With sunshine all year round and pints for under two quid, Brits should be taking advantage of cheap fares to this gorgeous European city.

Ryanair is behind the offer, which should come as no surprise to those familiar with their deals.

The budget Irish airline is known throughout the world for jetting bargain loving Brits off to every corner of Europe.

There's now even flights to Africa and its 'door to the desert' city where countless Oscar winning films have been made.

But they also know what Brits love. And that's a trip to Spain.

People from the United Kingdom go to the country more than any other in the world.

What a city.
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In 2022, 16.5 million Brits headed there - that's almost a quarter (24.6%) of the population and miles ahead of the second most visited destination in France, with seven million people flocking there for a holiday.

One of Spain's most picturesque places to go also happens to have the cheapest beer on tap and 300 days of summer.

We're talking about the east coast city of Valencia.

Ferry operator DFDS has ranked it as one of the top four places in Europe to head to if you love an ice cold pint in the sunshine.

Delicious pints.
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In Valencia, you can get half a litre of beer for just £1.72. Working that out in to how much it costs per pint (568 delicious millilitres), it works at at £1.92. Insanely good value.

Nowhere in Europe offers cheaper pints, according to DFDS, with it ranking joint best with the Portuguese city of Porto.

Brewed directly within the city, Turia Märzen is a traditional Valencian beer with citrus notes and aromatic foam. For those seeking non-alcoholic beer, Spanish favourites include Mahou Sin and San Miguel 0.0.

Some of the top places for a drink in Valencia include La Casa De La Mar and Ostrabar Valencia - the latter combining ice cold beer with oysters.

Valencia views.
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Ryanair will fly you directly to Valencia Airport for just £14.99 each way in April.

Flights at that price are available from Belfast, Manchester and East Midlands airports.

It's slightly more from London Stansted (£15.99) and Birmingham and Bristol airports (£16.99).

The timing couldn't be better with the port city named the best coastal town in all of Europe in a Which? survey.

Those partaking in the survey were Brits, with 3,500 saying it was better than Barcelona, Venica, and Malaga. Happy travels!

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