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‘Spicy cruise’ passenger reveals what you should never do on the ship

‘Spicy cruise’ passenger reveals what you should never do on the ship

There is one big rule when it comes to going on a swingers cruise

Welcome to the world of spicy cruises, where couples set sail on to the open seas and share partners.

And while they are certainly eye-opening in every sense, there's also a serious side to sailing with people from the swinging community.

For those who aren't aware, the likes of Temptation Cruises offer the ability for people to practice the swingers lifestyle at sea. That predominantly means mixing with other likeminded couples when it comes to the bedroom.

The likes of Temptation have what are known as 'red rooms'; safe spaces for people who want to get intimate to do just that.

But there's rules that come with entering these spaces and it's incredibly important to obey them or you'll find yourself in a bit of bother.

LADbible sat down with intimacy coach and hypnotherapist, Kate Shelor, who has travelled with Temptation Cruises twice in her lifetime. She told us all about the major rules when it comes to life in the red room.

Being honest and frank

"Consent and negotiation are big parts of the community and once you start to chat about that a couple of times [with other people] you get way more comfortable with it. It doesn't feel as scary anymore," Kate told LADbible.

"But that honesty should also come to the agreement you make with your partner before heading in to the room, especially if it is your first time.

Kate is a pleasure coach & hypnotherapist (Instagram/KateShelor)
Kate is a pleasure coach & hypnotherapist (Instagram/KateShelor)

Kate says: "I think it's always a good idea for a couple to go on a cruise like this who might be interested... come in with your expectations as 'you're a couple, we're here for a sexy time, let's go and watch'.

"And then anything else that happens, if it does, is exciting. If you come in with a goal - a foursome, threesome - it's really easy to feel like the trip was a failure if you don't meet that goal.

"You rob yourself of that experience with your partner if you set goals. Have a sexy time with your partner, put yourselves out there a little bit but don't fall in to the trap of feeling its a failure if you don't have a threesome.

"It's a pretty wild experience even if you don't do any of that at all. It's very fun and mixes it up from your day to day life."

Where the magic happens. (Facebook/Temptation Cruises)
Where the magic happens. (Facebook/Temptation Cruises)

Don't be a creep, read the room

"There's a difference between being in a room and generally watching and then watching a person, really intently. If you're going to really focus in on a couple or whatever, you have to read the room," Kate says.

"Some people will pick a mattress in the middle of the room and they're very comfortable and like being watched.

"That's one I'd worry less about watching but if you go two feet away and get creepy and stare, that's different.

"If they've picked the mattress in the back corner and you're standing against the wall staring at them, you might creep them out. If you want to watch more intently, ask them if it's okay. Some people might be doing this for the first time so some social awareness is needed."

The red room getting set up (TikTok/
The red room getting set up (TikTok/

Consent is vital

As with any situation, consent is central to everything on this spectrum. And yes, that is still the case even if plenty of people are involved.

Kate says: "Never touch anyone without explicit consent.

"Just because two people are in the middle of the room and putting on a show does not mean you can touch them, you'll get kicked out.

"If you want to join or people are having a gang bang - which happens every once in a while - just because four people are involved doesn't mean you can jump in.

"You have to ask and if they say no, anyone says no, you have to respect it."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/KateShelor/Getty Stock Images

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