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Man who's visited more than 1,600 pubs was not prepared for Sticky Vicky's Benidorm boozer

Man who's visited more than 1,600 pubs was not prepared for Sticky Vicky's Benidorm boozer

The Benidorm legend managed to surprise seasoned pub visitor Dale Harvey.

Following the tragic death of Benidorm legend Sticky Vicky aged 80 today (29 November), we've cast our minds back to the story of a bloke who'd visited 1,600 pubs who was not prepared for what Sticky Vicky's boozer would throw at him.

Dale Harvey has certainly seen some sights on his epic pub crawl, but nothing could have prepared him for Sticky Vicky's popular establishment.

He headed to the Spanish resort, which is beloved by Brits, for his stag-do with a few of his mates in July this year.

The fella and his fiancée, Holly Booth, were actually on a mission to visit every boozer in the UK – so it was only right he had a mooch round some pubs abroad too.

Heading to the infamous Red Lion was a must, as it is a rite of passage for soon-to-be brides and grooms who flock to Benidorm to head there to party before they take the plunge.

It has become a notorious venue for punters who want to catch a glimpse of one of Sticky Vicky's salacious performances, too.

Sadly, the star will never return to the Red Lion stage again as she passed away today (29 November) aged 80, her daughter confirmed.

Sticky Vicky's daughter announced the tragic news of her death.
Facebook/Sticky Vicky Official

The death of the Benidorm icon has rocked her incredibly loyal fanbase which she built up over the decades of wowing holidaymakers and locals.

She showed off her 'vaginal magic' during the X-rated show, where she demonstrated pulling all sorts of items from her nether regions – reportedly including razors.

And one of Sticky Vicky’s best-known tricks included popping out ping pong balls - which she could aim (and land) into cups.

Dale didn't want to miss out on this Benidorm tradition during his trip and stopped by the Red Lion for an 'adult magic show', hoping to see the local star do her worst.

He told the Daily Star the pub was ‘packed out with people cheering’ and seemed nothing like British boozers.

The pub-aficionado said: “It’s certainly the strangest experience you’ll probably ever have when going into a pub for a drink.”

The show in the Red Lion quite definitely wasn’t something Dale was prepared for and to be fair, we can’t imagine seeing a woman licking a broom in our local Red Lion.

The Benidorm legend drew crowds into the Red Lion with her X-rated act.
Facebook/Red Lion

Amazed by the Benidorm pub, the husband-to-be added: “It’s like nothing we’ve got in this country. It is actually horrific."

Sticky Vicky’s been around for quite some time in the Spanish resort area, reportedly performing six shows a night nearly every day of the week in her prime.

The 80-year-old original retired back in 2015, a few days before having hip replacement surgery.

Her real name is Victoria María Aragues Gadea, but is lovingly referred to as Vicky Leyton.

In 2016, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer and made a full recovery.

Her daughter Maria now performs under the Sticky Vicky name.

The version Dale witnessed had a Star Wars theme, but he called it ‘absolutely scarring’.

Just one of the many out-there nights Sticky Vicky has gifted Brits before she passed.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/TheGreatBritishPubCrawl/Cristina Arias/Instagram/@sticky_vicky_official

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