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Woman became so 'deathly unwell' while on holiday her friend almost called priest after she acted 'possessed'

Woman became so 'deathly unwell' while on holiday her friend almost called priest after she acted 'possessed'

Cara Pyper came down with some odd symptoms while travelling in Bali, leaving her friend concerned

A student began to 'act possessed' after falling ill on her travels across southeast Asia, leaving her friend worried she might have to 'phone a priest'.

Travelling across the world is something that a lot of young people may be looking forward to doing before embarking on the slog that we know as working life.

But one thing that a lot of people sometimes fail to prepare for before jetting off across the world is the different types of infections and diseases that other regions of the world might have in store for holiday-goers.

Cara Pyper fell victim to one of these local viral infections, with her friend noting that she was acting 'possessed' while lying in bed.

Two weeks after first touching down on the Indonesian island, Cara's friend, Abbi Whorriskey, recorded her as she uncontrollably waved her arms in the air while asleep.

The 22-year-old, originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, later explained: "It was hell at the time. I felt deathly unwell - about two weeks in to our holiday I literally just got overcome with this random sickness.

"I literally felt like I had been hit by a bus. My whole body just felt heavy and sore, I thought I was just run down because of the time difference or that it was maybe from drinking." she said.

"I thought it was maybe just a hangover. I was in shock when I woke up and saw the video Abbi took. It does scare me."

Abbi, also 22, joked that she might need the help of a priest to get her friend out of the situation she was in, as Cara fell ill with headaches, muscle pain, a high temperature and extreme fatigue.

It looked like she was trying to swat flies away. (Kennedy)
It looked like she was trying to swat flies away. (Kennedy)

It turns out that the Brit had come down with Dengue Fever, also known as break-bone fever, an infection spread from mosquitoes to people, which is more common in tropical environments.

Her symptoms matched signs of the infection, which are a high fever, headache, body aches, nausea and rash.

The student said that she put herself through 'hell' as she pushed herself to enjoy her getaway - despite the pain.

"I needed to sleep for 24 hours a day but because I was in Bali I wanted to push myself to go to the monkey forest and all that," Cara explained.

"It started to get better five or six days after but it probably lasted around eight days - even when I thought I was getting better, I looked so bad that a waiter asked me if I was okay because I looked so sick,

"I still tried to do the most I could when I was sick. I was just in a lot of pain and sleeping everywhere I could,

"The rest of my time was unreal though, it was completely smooth."

Cara is now going out of her way to warn other travellers to layer up, rest up and wear mosquito spray if they're planning to visit that part of the world.

She also explained that dengue fever is 'at its height' at the moment, and that you can get it in other countries in tropical climates, not just in Indonesia.

Cara and Abbi still made sure to have a good holiday. (Kennedy)
Cara and Abbi still made sure to have a good holiday. (Kennedy)

The NHS has also provided advice on how to deal with dengue fever, with the first bullet point being to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

This can be achieved by wearing long-sleeved clothes and trousers, especially in the morning and evening, while insect repellent containing DEET will be your best friend.

Staying inside while using blinds or screens where possible can help, while it is also recommended that you sleep under a mosquito net that has been treated with insecticide.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for Dengue Fever, but rest, water and paracetamol can all help to get your temperature down and ease the pain you may be feeling.

It's key that you don't take any anti-inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen or aspirin though, as it can cause bleeding problems if you have the infection.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy

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