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Brits ditch Ibiza for boiling hot African resort where pints cost less than a quid

Brits ditch Ibiza for boiling hot African resort where pints cost less than a quid

It's got sun, sea, sand and splendidly cheap pints, who could say no?

As the cold weather sweeps across the UK and plenty of Brits decide it's finally time to put on a jumper you might be interested in a part of the world that's actually not freezing.

With plenty of deals on offer for holidays this month it may be a matter of picking the right destination, and the world has plenty of wonderful spots to offer.

When going abroad a lot of Brits want hot weather, lovely views and cheap pints.

Everyone wants what they don't have I suppose, and while Brits have enjoyed plenty of Europe's finest holiday destinations some are looking further afield to Africa.

Sorry Ibiza, you're fine and dandy but there's a whole world to visit and the beer is cheaper elsewhere.

Bet you wish you were here, I write that as though I'm not writing this in the UK in the middle of November.
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If you're looking for your next holiday destination then you could do worse than visit the country the band Toto were actually singing about in their hit song 'Africa'.

As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti, the place you want to consider when planning your next holiday is Tanzania where temperatures are high and pints are as low as 84p.

A new study by claimed Tanzania was the ultimate choice for travellers from the UK looking for a sunny destination that offers great value'. And who isn’t?

I’d probably just stick to the 84p pints, personally, but each to their own.

It said: "Tanzania receives an average of 12.06 hours of sunshine per day during the winter, 33 percent more than Ibiza.

"During the winter months UK visitors to Tanzania can gain 8.53 hours of sunshine per day, the most sunshine gained of all locations analysed — making it the best-value sunny destination.''

Pints as cheap as 84p? Tanzania might be the holiday destination for you.
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While some popular destinations have recently introduced measures to deter hoards of UK tourists flying in - tourism officials in Tanzania are hoping to double the number of visitors the country gets.

Dr Aloyce Nzuki, deputy permanent secretary in the ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, has said the government was keen to double visitors from the UK.

Which means officials are hoping to see its 75,000 visitors a year rise to nearly 150,000.

Earlier this year, Brits were warned that they could be hit with a fine of up to £25,000 if they were found attending ‘illegal parties’ in Ibiza and Majorca.

Mercedes Garrido, a member of the Balearic Government, has warned the organisers to think 'twice' before planning a boozy night.

"We have been looking for measures to stop illegal parties and to make organisers think twice when they plan a party,” she said.

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