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Europe's 'cheapest city for beer' sells pints for five times less than UK average and is just short flight away

Europe's 'cheapest city for beer' sells pints for five times less than UK average and is just short flight away

This European city is just a cheap flight away for some cheap booze

Everything just seems so expensive all the time right now. Bills, food, transport, everything.

And also, pints. Going for a quick one down the pub while you catch up with your mates can often lead to a shocked ‘how much’.

If I’m honest, a cheap beer would go down quite well right now. And so would a holiday.

But with money being tight for a lot of us at the moment, we need cheaper alternatives – like this ‘cheapest city for beer’ not too far away from the UK.

The capital of Hungary’s Northern Great Plain region, it’s less than a three-hour flight away.

Debrecen is apparently the place to go if you’re gagging for a cheap European pint.

According to, you can grab a larger in the Hungarian city for an average of just 82p. Yes, less than a quid.

Apparently you can get a Soproni lager for just 79 simple pence.

Not a bad backdrop for a cheap beer.
joruba/Getty Images

Previous figures from the British Beer and Pub Association say that the average pint in a UK ‘wet-led’ pub (one selling mostly drink, not food) costs £4.10.

So, the average pint over in Debrecen literally is five times cheaper than ours.

Seems like a good enough reason to make the visit to me.

According to Skyscanner, you can fly from Luton Airport to Debrecen this November from as little as just £23 for a return flight.

With Wizz Air, you can get there direct in about two hours and 40 minutes – so you could just download one big old film and sit back.

It’s not particularly warm over there though, so you will need that big coat while you’re sipping on pints.

A cheap beer outside of the UK sounds great right now.
Getty Stock Photo gives it an average of just four degrees in November, dropping to one in December and then a frosty -2 in January.

But I think I could brave the cold for a bit of beer and culture.

And there is plenty to get up to when you’re not drinking, it’s a rather historic city.

Take in the museum, see the large yellow cathedral and even visit the zoo and theme park.

Or, if you fancy a cheap beer but would rather drink it in a hotter environment, consider the ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’ with £1.08 beers and 21 degrees in November.

Madeira is an island just off the northwest coast of Africa and with cheap flights, cheap booze and beautiful sights, it’s a decent alternative to Debrecen.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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