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Customer charged €2 to 'cover washing-up' for extra-plate used for their child

Customer charged €2 to 'cover washing-up' for extra-plate used for their child

Travelling abroad is a wonderful experience, but you don't expect to be charged an arm and a leg for extra dinnerware.

Are you thinking of travelling with children anytime soon? If so, don’t forget to pack some extra change as you might get charged an arm and a leg for some supper - even if you don't order anything for them.

Especially if it’s at this Italian restaurant that’s charged one of their customers extra cash just for an extra saucer.

A mother asked for an additional saucer for her three-year-old to share her dinner at Osteria del Cavolo is in Finale Ligure, on the Gulf of Genoa, Italy.

However, the restaurant added €2 (£1.70) to the bill, which they said was to cover the cost of washing up.

Osteria de Cavolo in Italy.
Osteria del cavolo/CEN

The eyebrow-raising charge was only discovered after the customer shared their receipt on social media.

They wrote: "Liguria. A plate of trofie with pesto, EUR 18 [£15.52], the mother asks for a saucer so that the three-year-old girl, who has already eaten, can also taste some.

"They put EUR 2 on her account for the saucer. By the way, having already factored in the cover charge."

However, Ida Germano, owner of the restaurant, defended the decison, saying: "A table for three and they eat for one, then who does the dishes?"

The receipt was shared online.

She later added: "We made the lady who posted the receipt sit at a table for three, because there were two adults and a child.

"They ordered only one plate of trofie with pesto and one of fried anchovies and they asked for two saucers to share for both. So they had four saucers in all, not one, and we only charged for one because we pay for the dishwasher and the dishwashing too."

Meanwhile, in Lake Como, Bar Pace made headlines for adding €2 (£1.70) to the bill when a pair of diners asked for a toasted sandwich to be served on two plates.

The owner of the restaurant responded to the receipt.
Ida Germano/CEN

Apparently, the breakdown of the bill included a cover charge for cutting the sandwich in half, with the total coming at €15.70 (£13.52).

And there have been various reports of bars and restaurants in holiday hotspots in Italy handing customers exorbitant bills since the pandemic.

MailOnline reported that one customer claimed they were charged €53 for ‘two triangular toast bread sandwiches and a ham and mozzarella ciabatta’.

But that’s not the only place to charge extra fees.

The publication also reported that a pizzeria near Alba, had reportedly charged a couple €1.50 (£1.30) just for an extra teaspoon so that they could share their dessert.

Maybe packing a lunch from home is a cheaper option if you’re hoping to dine out in Italy?

Featured Image Credit: Ida Germano/CEN/@selvaggia.lucarelli/CEN

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