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'Pearl of the Atlantic' Euro getaway has winter temperatures of 21 degrees and beers cost £1

'Pearl of the Atlantic' Euro getaway has winter temperatures of 21 degrees and beers cost £1

This island in the Atlantic is cheap to get to and cheap to drink on

I, for one, would be happy to be somewhere warmer right now. I’m not even saying ‘hot’, I’d happily just settle for warm.

And as payday blesses our bank accounts, you might also be tempted to get out of the UK.

A last-minute winter break doesn’t sound like a bad idea at the moment, but high prices can be pretty off-putting.

So let me lure you into grabbing that passport with this spot that has winter temperatures above 20 degrees. Oh, and if that’s not enough to tempt you, pints there also cost as little as £1.08.

Also known as the ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’ this island is off the northwest coast of Africa and is a region of Portugal.

Yep, I’m talking about Madeira of course.

According to, Madeira has an average high temperature of 21 degrees in November and a barmy 20 in December.

To put that into context, it’s an average of 10 in London for November and a low seven in December.

Yes please.
pawel.gaul/Getty Images

I know where I’d rather be.

A simple bottle of beer - usually Madeira’s own brand Coral Lager - will cost you about £1.75 in the main city of Funchal, or just over £1 if you head to Porto Moniz.

And you can easily pick up a nice bottle of Madeira wine for less than a tenner at dinner.

Getting there won’t cost you a lot either if you’re smart about it. Over on Skyscanner you can bag flights to Madeira from Manchester and back in November for less than £50 return.

Obviously you’re not going to spend the whole time there drinking cheap beer - I mean, fair play if you do - and there’s plenty to get up to.

The island has a whole lost of viewpoints when you can take in cinematographic landscapes and stunning nature.

Get those steps in with island views.
Paul Biris/Getty Images

Visit Madeira says: “There are countless viewpoints in Madeira, scattered all across the territory, like open windows onto living, picturesque paintings, almost always dominated by the presence of Nature. Given the archipelago's rugged orographic outline, there are multiple panoramic views in countless nooks.”

Of course, there’s plenty of golden beaches (even if it won’t be scorching hot), as well as golf clubs and city fun to explore.

The food is delicious, the beer is cheap, the weather’s warmer and there’s different things to do, one cheap ticket please.

Don’t worry about missing out on those cold, dark, wintery nights - they’ll still be here when you get back, I’m sure.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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