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The Chase Is On For Snakes Hunting Baby Iguanas On 'Planet Earth 2'

The Chase Is On For Snakes Hunting Baby Iguanas On 'Planet Earth 2'

Despite setting three alarms on three separate devices, I still managed to miss watching live the first episode of BBC One's Planet Earth 2.

I have now wasted the opportunity to join the live Twitter conversation while watching nature at its finest. However, I can settle for catching up on iPlayer as Sir David Attenborough narrates some of the most incredible spectacles this planet has ever seen.

The first episode is looking into the wonders and mysteries of islands on Earth.

"Aw, penguins fishing and climbing cliffs.


"Birds reuniting with their partners.

"Lemas leaping from the trees in Madagascar.

"Actual dragons fighting for a mate.

"And look, marine iguanas hatching in the sands and....


"WTF! Racer snakes! What was God smoking when he created these murderous machines?!"

As the iguana hatchlings emerge from the sand of the Galápagos island in the Pacific Ocean, they face their first fatal test.

The infants may not know it yet, but their first moments on Earth are the snake's best feeding opportunity of the year.

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Bedtime story, my arse. These creatures are what nightmares are made out of. They may not have good eye sight but they react like a pack of ninjas when they sense movement from their prey.

The first baby iguana pelts it to safety. But that's when we're reminded that nature can be one cruel son of a bitch. The beasts know then that others will follow. Alert and feeling merciless, one by one they snatch fleeing hatchlings as they try and fail to make a break for it.

One daredevil iguana manages to outwit his opponent and opts out of running into the face of death. Instead, he plants himself into a statue-like hold and keeps his nerve as the snakes slither past him while attacking his pals.


His instinctive tactics will only keep him safe for so long. He chooses his moment and dashes across the sands fending off many snake bites in his path. The little guy leaps and jumps until he too gets caught.

"Nooo, we were all rooting for you!"

But what's this... Ninja snakes are no match for this super iguana. Managing to wriggle his way out of the reptile's headlock, he's come too far in his journey to lose it all now.

Wasting no time at all, he jumps from the dangerous pit of sand and climbs the rocks. Level one of life's mission is complete.


Mother of Mary, it's like watching animal Hunger Games.

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