Meteor That Smashed Into American Lake Holds Key To Origins Of Life On Earth
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Today Is 'Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day' And You Get As Many As You Like

Today Is 'Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day' And You Get As Many As You Like

If I'd have known about this day before now, I probably would have booked it off as a holiday.

Ben and Jerry's are giving out FREE ICE CREAM in any flavour you want. Plus (and possibly the best news anyone's ever heard ever) it's completely unlimited.

All you have to do is go to your closest Ben and Jerry's scoop shop (which you can find here) and queue up. No texts, no signing up, nothing.

This sounds too good be to true, right?!


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It's happening from 12-8pm today. Apparently, the first one was held in 1979 and they've just continued the tradition to thank all of their customers.

Why am I only just hearing about this now?

So yeah. Free ice cream. Happy Tuesday.


Words by Mel Ramsay

Featured image credit: Ben and Jerry's

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