What You Get When You Pay £16K For A First Class Emirates Flight

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What You Get When You Pay £16K For A First Class Emirates Flight

When you think of first class, you probably think there will be a bit more leg room, maybe some better food and some champagne or something, right?

Turns out that a) you get a shitload more than that and b) it costs fuckloads more than an upgrade on your train.

This YouTuber, Casey Neistat, somehow managed to get an upgrade on an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York, worth £16,000.


I'll warn you now, as nice as this guy is, he wears sunglasses throughout the whole video. Maybe it's his 'thing', maybe he's being 'kooky' or maybe he hates the way his eyes look, I don't know. So prepare yourself for that.

First of all, you're in your own little pod. Sweet as fuck, right?! Plus, you can extend your seat out into a comfy-ass bed and is that or is that not the dream?

Oh shit, look! He must not be wearing sunglasses underneath!


Nope, still wearing them.

There are shitloads of freebies and you can order anything you like off the menu at any point during the flight.


The best part by far is the bathroom.

How sick is that?! The bathroom includes towels, body wash and its own hairdryer - plus SHOWERS.

You can reserve it so you get luxury for longer. Amazing.


So, if you have a spare £16,000 (or are really good at blagging freebies), you should definitely look into getting this upgrade. If Emirates are reading this, I will happily test first-class if you're looking for anyone else. No? Cool.

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