World's Tallest Teenager Reaches Record-Breaking 7ft 8ins And Is Still Growing

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World's Tallest Teenager Reaches Record-Breaking 7ft 8ins And Is Still Growing

A teenager has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder that has made him massive and his mother is even unsure as to whether or not her son will ever stop growing.

Broc Brown, 19, was officially declared the world's tallest teenager and is growing at the astonishing rate of six inches a year.

Brown, from Michigan, USA, has reached new heights, coming in at 7ft 8ins.


"I'd say Broc was around 5ft 2ins when he was in kindergarten," his mother said. "When he got into middle school he was around 6ft tall and by high school he was 7ft tall. He could easily grow six inches in a year."

Buying clothes is somewhat of an inconvenience. Brown has to have all of his clothes and shoes specially made and the socks to cover his huge size 28 feet cost $18 (£14 a pair). On top of that, he also has a specially made 8ft bed and a specialist chair that cost $1,000 (£750).

Brown was diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome, known as cerebral gigantism, when he was just five years old. At the time, his mother was told that he wouldn't live past his teenage years. However, recently, doctors reassured the family and expect him to live a normal lifespan.


As well as living with the condition that makes him incredibly tall, Brown also suffers from learning difficulties, strain on his heart, curvature of the spine and narrowing of the spinal cord.

"It kind of feels like a big tennis racket has gone through my back," said Brown. "I do stuff to stop it hurting and it makes me feel like there's a needle gone through it - it's hard to deal with."

As with everything in this lad's life, everything is on a larger scale, with no exception to his temper.


"When he gets mad, he's mad. It wouldn't take him two seconds to pop a hole in the wall - it could be very dangerous if he wasn't on medication and able to be calmed," said his mother.

The condition reportedly effects one in every 15,000 people.

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