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Eminem Has Grown A Beard And No One Knows How To Feel

Eminem Has Grown A Beard And No One Knows How To Feel

What's going on?!

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

If you harness the ability to grow a beard, you'll often find yourself going through phases of growing it and shaving it off.

You might be one of those that doesn't particularly like the face fungus, but grows it now and again just so people know you've hit puberty. Others have full commitment to facial hair, getting it as thick and as long as possible.

For celebrities it's a bit different. Given that they're often photographed a considerable amount per week, any changes to their appearance will be scrutinised by people on Twitter, Facebook and the rest of social media.

So sorry, Eminem, but after nearly two decades of seeing your silky smooth, bald face, we're going to have to gawp at how odd it is to see you with a beard.

It's so weird. Like, I'm not saying it looks bad - it doesn't - but it just looks so weird to see him with a beard.

Last night he was at the premiere of HBO's new series The Defiant Ones alongside Dr Dre, who is the subject of the documentary, where he took some of the shine off the event by displaying his new look.

People were torn, to say the least.

What are you all saying? Eminem with beard - yay or nay?

Back in 2002, Shady released The Eminem Show, which featured the song 'Business', which had lyrics about - among other things - growing a beard.

Em wrote: "Can't leave rap alone, the game needs me/'Til we grow beards, get weird and disappear/Into the mountains, nothin' but clowns down here/But we ain't fuckin' around round here."

Is Eminem about to get weird and disappear into the mountains?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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