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Man spots ‘angel’ on Ring camera but not everyone is convinced

Claire Reid

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A bloke reckons he spotted an angel on his Ring doorbell cam and has the footage to prove it - but not everyone is quite as convinced.

Robert Mansfield was shocked after watching back footage of his partner Stephanie Scott and their son Oskar returning home from a walk with their dog last month. You can see the video for yourself here:

As the mother and son approach the door with their pooch Klo a small white mark appears in the darkness and floats upwards until it vanishes.

Robert, 33, is convinced that what he saw on the clip was a ‘flying angel’ and says you can even see its wings.


Robert says he believes the ‘angel’ he spotted is watching over them and could be the spirit of his dad Mick, who died when Robert was just 14.

Robert, from Beaumont Leys, Leicestershire, said: "We've had a tough time recently, so seeing something like that makes you think someone's out there watching out for you.

Robert Mansfield with partner Stephanie Scott and their kids. Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Robert Mansfield with partner Stephanie Scott and their kids. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

"We always say my dad is my kids' guardian angel so seeing something like that is heart-warming. It might be him.


"I've never experienced something like this before, it was amazing and it gave us comfort.

"When Stephanie showed me she asked if it's an angel because you can see the wings flapping.

"I told her it can't be because I'm not a huge believer in stuff like that, but when I looked into it I was really surprised and realised it could actually be something."

Since sharing the clip, it’s had more than 50,000 views and has divided opinions, with some folks thinking there’s something otherworldly going on and others saying it’s a much less mystical reflection from Oskar’s coat.


"People have said it's a reflection on the coat and I've done a bit of research. He's used that coats loads of times and nothing's ever come up on the doorbell camera like that," he added.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

"If you look closely the lights go bright and then when it disappears they go dull. That can't be a reflection."

In Robert's Facebook post, he said: "I cannot believe me and Steph caught a flying angel on our door bell. You can see the wings, the lot.


"If you look carefully you see the lights go bright then when it disappears the lights go dull.”

Replying to the post one person said: “No way! There is no mistaking that!”

Another wrote: “Definitely not a reflection as it looks like the angel wings are flapping."

However, someone else commented: wrote: "That's the reflection off the boy's coat. A lot of footy lads wore these in the day as it affects cameras from capturing the faces of those offending."


What do you guys think? Angel or coat?

Topics: Weird, UK News

Claire Reid
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