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Dog Fakes Broken Leg In Order To Get People To Feed Him

Dog Fakes Broken Leg In Order To Get People To Feed Him

Locals have named the clever pooch Gae, and say he doesn't look like stopping any time soon

A cunning canine has learned how to fake an injury in order to get passers-by to feed him.

The cute pooch, known locally as Gae, drags his back left leg along the ground as if it is broken, but once a crowd has gathered around him, he jumps back up and bounds away as if nothing has happened.

Footage has now emerged of the clever dog showcasing his party trick in Bangkok, Thailand, earlier this month.

According to a local resident who knows Gae well, he is always trying to trick people.

Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul said: ''This old dog has lived by my workplace for a few years. He always does this trick to deceive people.

Gae tricks passers-by into thinking he is injured.

''I feed him rice but he still has this habit. He's very smart. I think he does it to get people to feed him.

''While we stopped to watch him that day, a motorcyclist stops because he thinks the dog is hurt.

''But then he jumps up and walks away. It's too funny. We call him Gae.''

Thaweeporn said she is a dog-lover who has several pets and also rescues street dogs, and says she's certain that there is nothing wrong with Gae.

She added: ''He's an old dog and we've checked both of his legs. They are both fine. If Gae had any kind of injury I would take him to the vets immediately.''

Animal welfare is a big problem in Thailand. Earlier this month, 15 emaciated Great Danes were rescued from a breeding farm in Pathum Thani.

Earlier this month, a group of Great Danes had to be rescued from a breeding farm in Thailand.

According to reports, their owner had abandoned them several weeks earlier.

But with nobody to care for them, they were not properly fed and lost so much weight that their bones could be seen through their fur.

After weeks of struggling to survive, volunteers were alerted to the plight of the dogs and rushed to the farm on Monday (19 August) to save the animals, giving them some much-needed food and water.

It's understood that the dogs are now recovering with helpers from Watchdog Thailand and have even been 'adopted' by the country's king, after he heard about their treatment and ordered his household to fund their recovery.

A spokesman said: ''We have received a Royal command from His Majesty The King. His Royal Highness has commanded a delegation to adopt the dogs at the Animal Welfare Division.''

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

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