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Footage Shows Moment Woman 'Yeeted' Bear Off Wall To Save Her Dogs

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Footage Shows Moment Woman 'Yeeted' Bear Off Wall To Save Her Dogs

A viral TikTok video shows the moment a woman 'yeeted' a bear off her garden wall to save her dogs - and yes, it really is the most amazing thing you'll see this week.


The footage was posted online by the woman's cousin Brenda (@bakedlikepie), who wrote: "My cousin Hailey yeeted a bear off her fence today and saved her dogs. How was your Memorial Day?! (WTF?!)"

The home security camera clip shows the view of a back yard, where a large brown bear and her cub have managed to climb up onto the wall - which overlooks the space where a number of dogs are hanging out.

Credit: TikTok/@bakedlikepie
Credit: TikTok/@bakedlikepie

As the dogs run around and bark at the bear, it leans down and starts grabbing at the pets.

As the bear continues to swipe at the dogs, Hailey can be seen suddenly rushing out into the yard, and runs directly over to the bear.

Credit: TikTok/@bakedlikepie
Credit: TikTok/@bakedlikepie

She gives the large mammal an almighty shove, and in turn it tumbles from the wall - buying her enough time to gather up her dogs and scoop them inside to safety.

Pretty epic, I think you'll agree.

The video has racked up 3.9 million likes and more than 28 million views on TikTok, where thousands have commented to praise her bravery.

In a follow-up video, Hailey recalled how pushing the bear off the wall was the 'first thing' that came into her head.


Hailey, who also revealed she sprained her finger and hurt her knee in the incident, said: "I was in the mountains, so this was actually really normal and in summers [bears] always come down."

She continued: "They start barking - our dogs - and I thought they were just barking at a dog because they always bark at dogs or squirrels or whatever because they're dumb.

Credit: TikTok/@bakedlikepie
Credit: TikTok/@bakedlikepie

"But I go to tell them to stop, and when I went over there to see what they're barking at, I'm like, 'That's a funny looking dog!'

"And by the time I get there, the bear is literally picking up one of my dogs.

"I go over to the bear, I look it in the eyes and the first thing I think to do is push it... Push a bear, push an apex predator, man.

"And to be honest, I don't think I pushed her that hard, I just pushed her enough to lose her balance.


"So she drops my dog and I run out of there! I grabbed my other dog."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@bakedlikepie

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Jess Hardiman
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