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Huge Snake Almost Takes The Face Clean Off Reptile Zoo Keeper

Dominic Smithers

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Huge Snake Almost Takes The Face Clean Off Reptile Zoo Keeper

A reptile zoo keeper almost had his face ripped off after a snake pounced at him.


Jay Brewer runs The Reptile Zoo in California, and is known for sharing videos of some of snakes he houses at the zoo, with many of them attempting to take chunks out of him when he least expects it.

As you can imagine, it's a fairly risky job, and in a short clip posted to his Instagram account, @jayprehistoricpets, Jay almost came a cropper when a large snake caught him unawares and leapt at his face.

During an Instagram Live, Jay briefly looks away from the coiled reptile, but that's more than enough time for it to strike.

Dodging out of the way in the nick of time, Jay shouts: "Wow! As soon as my eyes shifted off of her. See how smart this snake is? The second I shifted my eyes off, she knew that I wasn't ready to jump.

"Almost smoked me. I mean that is incredible. So that was crazy, you guys just saw one of the closest strikes I've had in a long time."

Credit: Jay Prehistoric Pets
Credit: Jay Prehistoric Pets

Since the post was shared, it has been viewed thousands of times, with viewers absolutely bricking it for Jay. As you would.

Commenting on the post, one user said: "Almost caught your face."

Another wrote: "That's crazy."

A third said: "Damn nice reflex there."

While another added: "That was too close for me. Sick dude!"

Sadly, it seems Bear Grylls wasn't quite quick enough to escape the clutches of a powerful boa constrictor.

Ahead of the release of his new show Animals on the Loose, the 46-year-old adventurer revealed that getting choked out by one of these powerful reptiles was the most terrifying experience of his entire career.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Bear said that his encounter with the eight-foot snake occurred in South Africa.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "We were in this deep, dark, flooded ravine. We knew we had this big, maybe eight-foot, boa constrictor in there. They're incredibly dangerous and unpredictable.

"Once they wrap, you can't breathe or move, and if it takes you down you're in big trouble.

"I had two safety guys nearby, but they were on edge about doing it. They said, 'If this thing gets you underwater you'll be in trouble, fast'.

"I got in, couldn't touch the bottom, and suddenly I felt that thing grab me and start pulling me down. Then it got a grip around my neck.

"It caught me out. I hadn't anticipated how fast, powerful and heavy it would be.

"Every time I surfaced I saw the guys giving me the thumbs-down rescue signal, but I said no."

If there's a lesson here, it's not to mess about with deadly animals. You'd think you wouldn't have to actually tell people that but here were are.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Prehistoric Pets

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Dominic Smithers
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