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Veterinary Nurses Suspended After Bizarre Video Of Them Juggling With Dog's Castrated Testicles

Veterinary Nurses Suspended After Bizarre Video Of Them Juggling With Dog's Castrated Testicles

The shocking clips have been shared online

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

WARNING: This article contains some images you might find disturbing or disgusting - so now is your chance to click away.

Two veterinary nurses have been suspended after filming sick videos in which they juggled with a dog's castrated testicles.

The grim clip was shared online and showed the pair bouncing the removed testes on the floor and laughing about the whole thing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the clips have been slammed online by animals lovers who have likened the staffs' actions to 'animal abuse' and demanded the women lose their jobs.

The clips were reportedly recorded by staff at the Ohana VetCare clinic in the Pasir Ris area, Singapore, and two nurses have since been suspended while an investigation is launched.


In one clip the nurses can be seen handling the testicles before throwing them to the ground as one says: 'bounce bounce'. The clip was captioned: 'Bouncing testicles'.

Additional clips had the captions: 'Hahahas the s*** we do' and 'I can juggle balls' as the staff members play around with the severed body parts.

Other clips show staff mocking a cat which has its ears removed by clapping near to its head and asking their social media users to vote if it is a 'cat or seal'.

According to local media reports the cat had its ears surgically removed and was now deaf.


A post from the clinic named the staff members as Janice and Leandra. In an initial post it said the women wouldn't be fired as it was only an issue of 'immaturity''.

However, following a massive backlash from pet-lovers, the vets' surgery announced it would be suspending the two with immediate effect while it looked into the circumstances surrounding the video.

It also said the staff who filmed the clip would be 'counselled' and that all staff had been told to remain 'vigilant' about 'such behaviour'.


One angry person wrote: "The easiest way out of this mess is to immediately terminate the nurses responsible for the videos. What they have done is inexcusable, and much condemned.

"The nurses should be ashamed and accountable for their actions... Their actions are no less than animal abuse."

While a second added: "Counselling and suspension isn't enough. Animal cruelty is punishable by law and the nurses should be handed over to the authorities."

As yet, it's not clear is a criminal investigation has been launched.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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