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Woman Shares Picture Of Her Cat After An Accidental Spin In The Washing Machine

Woman Shares Picture Of Her Cat After An Accidental Spin In The Washing Machine

The cat was fine, but it was a shock for everyone concerned

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A woman has shared a picture of her cat after it accidentally ended up going for a spin in the washing machine.

Janae Blackman was just trying to do her laundry at her home in New York on 11 August when she closed the door of her washing machine on her cat by accident.

She was just trying to wash through a number of floor mats, but as the management student walked off and heard the drum start spinning, she realised something was up.

There was a loud thumping coming from within the machine, which could mean only one thing - she'd accidentally shut her five-month-old cat Optimus Jack inside the household appliance.

Kennedy News and Media

Her worst fears were confirmed when she heard a loud 'meow' coming out of the machine.

She sprinted over to the washer and threw open the door, quickly removing her terrified moggy from within.

It seems as if the cat had jumped into the machine and hidden underneath the mats before she went ahead and set it off.

Thankful that she managed to get her beloved pet out safely, she then took some pictures of him looking thoroughly sorry for himself, staring back at the drum.

Kennedy News and Media

It'll be a while before he tries to get in there again, you'd have to imagine.

She then shared the photos to Facebook in the hope she'd encourage others to check their appliances when they've got mischievous pets knocking around the house.

She explained: "When I got Optimus Jack out of the machine I just cried with relief. Once I checked he was fine I did laugh a bit but it could have been so much worse.

"Fortunately, he was fine but I felt absolutely horrible I had shut him in.

"I'd thrown a laundry load in to wash and didn't even hear him near me so just closed the door and turned the machine on.

Kennedy News and Media

"Walking to the kitchen I heard a thudding coming from behind me and I couldn't work out why because there were only a couple of light floor mats behind me.

"Suddenly a piercing 'meow' came from the barrel and I looked back to see Optimus Jack in the machine. My heart dropped."

She concluded: "I just want other cat owners to always check their washing machines or even fridges before closing the lids and doors.

Kennedy News and Media

"You never know where your pet can get into. I was lucky I heard my cat, but somebody else might not be as fortunate.

"He is always getting himself into trouble. His name is Optimus Jack because his curiosity reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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