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Dad claims he had 'no idea' after finding out daughter lost her job due to OnlyFans account

Dad claims he had 'no idea' after finding out daughter lost her job due to OnlyFans account

He was shocked to be told about his daughter's career choice

The dad of a woman who says she lost her job after her employers found her OnlyFans page says he was ‘shocked’ to find out about his daughter’s X-rated account.

Annie Knight, from Australia, hit headlines earlier this month when she revealed that just five days into a new job she ‘received an email saying 'termination of contract’'.

The Aussie told SBS’ Insight the email contained screenshots from her account plus three reasons for her dismissal.

The reasons included allegations she falsely claimed having a side business, shared ‘online pornographic images’ with crude language and hadn’t sought the company’s permission to run this side gig.

Although Knight admitted: “By day five I hated the job so much that I wasn’t going to fight the ruling.

“But I was definitely very upset and very angry at the decision.”

Annie Knight says she was fired after her employers found her OnlyFans account.

Knight, who says she's in the top 0.4 percent of creators on OnlyFans, says she makes thousands off her account.

Despite her success on the platform, it turns out that her dad Simon had no idea how his daughter made her money.

When approached by the Daily Mail, he told the publication he was ‘shocked’ and that he believed she worked in social media.

He said: “I don't know anything about it. I will speak to her about it. I'm a friend of hers on Instagram so I don't know where it is coming from.”

His daughter has since told the Daily Mail that her mum and stepdad are supportive of her career, but that she had initially not told her dad as he was ‘too old’ to understand the concept of OnlyFans.

However, since he was contacted by the news outlet, Knight says he is supportive of her choice.

Annie claims she was dismissed after they found her OnlyFans.

She explained: “He knows I work doing social media - Instagram and TikTok - but I had to explain what OnlyFans is and he's now totally okay with it.”

Knight has previously claimed to have slept with 300 men, including five on the same day, and has been dubbed ‘Australia’s most sexually active woman’.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, she said: “I feel empowered afterwards. Sex makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good.”

Knight also admitted she’s ‘down to try anything’ and does ‘pretty much everything’ on her OnlyFans account.

And although she admitted having the account affecting her job prospects was a ‘number one concern’ when she started off, it seems like she’s doing more than okay.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@anniekknight

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