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One flirting technique almost always works, according to psychologists

One flirting technique almost always works, according to psychologists

One for the next Tinder date

Picture the scenario, you've managed to get some time to talk with your crush and this is your big moment to make a great first impression.

After all, you've heard that it takes someone just a few minutes, or perhaps even only a few seconds, to decide whether they like like you or not so you've got to make the time count.

If you're stuck thinking how best to flirt with that person then there's one technique which psychologists say almost (and we stress the almost) always works and cuts through pretty much any boundaries between a potential couple.

Researchers from Norway and the US teamed up and studied 1,000 people's responses to 40 different types of flirting to determine which approaches worked and which didn't.

Different approaches were effective depending on what a person was looking for at the time, with people looking for something casual responding best to signals that a prospective partner was available, i.e. DTF.

This included sending out signals such as moving closer to the person and making eye contact with them, though not in a creepy dead-eyed staring way of course.

This flirting technique could be just the thing you need on your next date.
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On the other hand, those wanting a long-term partner were more on the lookout for 'signs of generosity and a 'willingness to commit', because if this is going to work you want to know the other person is in it for the long-haul too.




However, there's one flirting technique you can use which is top of the tree in pretty much any situation and is pretty much the most successful way to flirt.

Apparently, you really can laugh someone into bed.
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It's something that may come easier to some people than others - being funny.

A good application of humour can go a long way and it gives the other person a chance to send you signals if they're interested, as laughing at someone's jokes is seen as a sign that the flirting is going well.

Of course no technique is guaranteed to succeed and it's a bit more difficult than saying 'just be funny', because good comedy is harder than it looks.

If you struggle to be funny and witty in the moment there's every chance that your attempts to crack a joke will go down like a lead balloon.

While a good dose of humour might be an incredibly effective way to flirt there are few things less appealing than a string of desperate and unfunny jokes from someone who is not making people laugh.

So there you go, it's a simple as being funny and as difficult as actually being funny.

Just don't overdo it, eh?

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