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Justin Bieber Shaves Off Dreadlocks After Backlash

Justin Bieber Shaves Off Dreadlocks After Backlash

The Canadian singer has been accused of cultural appropriation

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Justin Bieber has shaved his dreadlocks off, following backlash and claims of cultural appropriation.

The Canadian singer was criticised for his hairstyle originally in 2016, but back in April, he once again showed off his new style on Instagram.

But it looks like Bieber, 27, has rethought his actions, and shared a new photo on Sunday of his closely cropped hair-do.

In the image, he could be seen posing with wife Hailey, 24, in what appeared to be a diner.

He captioned it: "Happy Sunday."

Another photo, shared on his Instagram story, showed a black and white close-up shot of his newly shaved head.

Instagram/Justin Bieber

In Rastafarianism, dreadlocks are a spiritual symbol, and when the likes of Bieber adopt the style, many argue it is a form of cultural appropriation.

The musician was condemned when he last sported the hairstyle, but clearly he wasn't put off getting dreads one again last month.

While many of his die-hard fans liked his looks, others pointed out that his dreads could be seen as problematic.

Responding to the initial criticism in 2016, he posted a video with the caption: "Being weird is fun if u r not weird I don't like you."

Zac Efron was previously accused of the same charge in 2018 after he revealed that he had gotten dreadlocks 'just for fun'.

Commenting on Efron's post, one person said: "No dude. Don't do this. I say this as a white woman who grew up incredibly ignorant in North Dakota and had dreads when I was 19. Don't. Do. This."

Another added: "You have been afforded so much privilege and world experiences that should also inform you that dreadlocks on white people is cultural appropriation. It's really that simple."

Others argue the hairstyle can be traced to ancient civilisations across the globe and that labelling the above examples as cultural appropriation is reductive.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Justin Bieber