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Matthew McConaughey Fans Label Brilliant Pickle Video 'Cinematic Masterpiece'

Matthew McConaughey Fans Label Brilliant Pickle Video 'Cinematic Masterpiece'

The actor declared that he is a 'pickle expert' and shared his love for the food in classic fashion

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Matthew McConaughey has shared a very McConaughey-esque pickle video on Instagram - and fans reckon it is a 'cinematic masterpiece'. Check it out here:

Yesterday (Sunday 14 November) marked National Pickle Day in the US, and self-professed pickle expert McConaughey decided to celebrate the occasion by explaining why he has so much love for the popular snack.

Starting out with the 'origin story' of the pickle, the 52-year-old said: "Howdy howdy, McConaughey here, coming at you this time as a pickle expert to talk about pickles, which I love so dearly.

"We have to go back to their origin story, a cucumber. Now, look at this cucumber - big, plump, firm, bold, lots of promise. Oh, this is gonna be good.

"And then... you take a bite; it's all hat no cattle, it's all packaging no product, it has no identity, it is tasteless. All it does is take up room in our proverbial salads."

And our actual salads, for that matter.

Yes, as far as McConaughey is concerned, you can shove your cucumber up your a**e.

But put that cucumber through the pickling process, and the Magic Mike actor believes the treat is transformed.

People have labelled the short video a 'masterpiece'.
Instagram/Matthew McConaughey

He continued: "But what happens when it gets older, does it mature with age like a fine wine, does it get better and become a pickle?

"Not as firm as it once was, a few more bumps on it, it even shrunk.

"Let's see what it tastes like... now we got the product, mind the packaging. Now we've got identity, now we've got purpose because we're a pickle - sour, sweet, dill.

"It commits. It's the pickle, and you do tickle my fancy."

McConaughey at his finest there, cementing himself as the master of making the mundane mesmerising.

Commenting on the video, fans heaped praise on the pickle expert.

One person commented: "This was the best thing I've ever watched. Cinematic masterpiece."

Another said: "Dear lawd this man can make ANYTHING sound suggestive & sexy....focus girl focus."

A third added: "Man's bringing us the content we didn't know we needed today."

Here's hoping this is the birth of a lengthy webseries - Tickling Your Pickle with Matthew McConaughey.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Matthew McConaughey

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