Jackass Star Steve-O Reveals His Ten Worst Stunt Injuries

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Jackass Star Steve-O Reveals His Ten Worst Stunt Injuries

Can you imagine how high Steve-O's pain threshold is? The former Jackass star made a name for himself by literally putting himself in harm's way for the MTV series - and now he's revealed a list of the 10 worst injuries he sustained throughout his quite ridiculous career.

WARNING: Contains potentially distressing imagery of horrible injury


He's been relatively quiet for a while, but the 46-year-old, born Stephen Gilchrist Glover, is returning to our screens - albeit our computer screens - once more with a his Gnarly Comedy Special, which is available to stream exclusively on his website for $9.99.


To promote his new special, he put together a video in which he counts down his worst injuries.

It starts with the least of those injuries - still pretty bad - and gets progressively worse, so avert your eyes now if you don't like this type of thing, because even typing it out makes us feel kind of faint.

At number 10 - remember, that's the least bad injury - is when he jumped off a roof into a hot tub. "I didn't just hit the bottom of it," he says. "My butt clipped the bench."

He then explains - and shows photos and videos - of how the injury affected his backside. It's... well, pretty gnarly. And that's just number 10.

Credit: Steve-O/Instagram
Credit: Steve-O/Instagram

At number nine is the time he fell/was coerced into falling on hot coals, beneath which lay a piping hot strip of sheet metal. That was, he says, the first time he ended up in hospital after going sober.

Next up is what he calls a 'legendary night in Miami' where he ended up walking 'with my toe not even connected to my foot, it was so dislocated'. That's followed by the time he was pushed off a van into a trash can and landed on his collar bone.

Had enough? Hey, there's more! The next injury on the list he received when he was tubing and hit something in the water.


At number 5 is Steve-O's fire-breathing backflip, which resulted in what Steve-O describes as resulting in 'all this skin on my face rolled up like a joint'. Gross.

Number 4 is less horrible but no less serious - when he was pushed down a flight of stairs on a bellhop cart. That's obviously a recipe for disaster - this time in the form of a broken back.

That's followed by a balcony jump he did while drunk at a keg party. He was trying to impress a girl. It didn't go well - he landed face first on concrete. OUCH.

In second place is the time a car drove - multiple times - through a wooden Porta-Potty upon which Steve-O was standing on top. While balanced on a skateboard. Even on paper that hurts.


What then, is at the number one spot? Only the time he blew up his living room while he was inside it. Which was as stupid and dangerous as it sounds. "I had never had anything more terrible happen to me in my entire life." Yeah, that checks out.

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