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Cher hits back after awkward cow tweet hours after death of Queen Elizabeth II

Cher hits back after awkward cow tweet hours after death of Queen Elizabeth II

Social media lit up with tributes following the death of the Queen. But for pop icon Cher, her tribute caught the eye for the wrong reasons.

Pop icon Cher has lashed out after her social media tribute to the Queen made headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

In a tweet she shared in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's death, the pop icon appeared to make a very unfortunate blunder by referring to the late monarch as a farmyard animal in her heartfelt message. 

She tweeted: “Am Sad About The Passing Of Queen Elizabeth II. I Had Honour Of Meeting Her. I Was In Long Line of Ppl Waiting 2 Meet Her, Yet When She Got 2 Me, She Asked Me Pertinent Questions,& Seemed Genuinely Interested In Talking 2 Me. I’m Proud She Was a [cow emoji] & Happy She Had a Great Sense Of Humour.” 

Social media lit up after Cher's tweet, with many wondering why the pop star had elected to use a cow emoji.

One commented: “What does the cow/bull symbol mean in this statement?” 

Someone else said: “Cher accidentally posted the wrong emoji.” 

A third asked: “Did Cher just call the queen a cow?” 

Others wondered if the star had actually meant ‘GOAT’ - or Greatest of All Time. 

“Cher casually calling Queen Lizzie a COW instead of a g.o.a.t... there are tears in my eyes I CANTTTT,” one said. 

But now the pop icon has hit back, revealing that she wasn't equating the late Queen Elizabeth II to a cow at all.

It turns out Cher is just really into star signs. She took to Twitter to clear the confusion up.

"Someone Said I Put a Cow Next to the Queen. Meeting Her Was One Of The Highlights Of My Life.

We Are BOTH TAURUS," she wrote on Twitter.

Cher lashed out at those who had suggested she had referred to the Queen as a cow.

"I was saying how proud I was," the pop star explained, adding that some people simply 'project their own hateful selves onto others'.

The Goddess of Pop then recalled how the Queen was 'kind' to her'.

She added that she was 'so nervous' about curtseying to the royal that she 'practised for an hour' before meeting the monarch.

That being said, the Queen is known to be a fan of cows, having been seen on camera reacting excitedly to cattle being paraded as part of her 90th birthday celebration a few years back - with now-viral footage showing her saying: "Cows!"

So we're sure the Queen would have appreciated the sentiment either way.

Featured Image Credit: Sipa US/Alamy Stock Photo. John Henshall / Alamy.

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