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Doctor issues warning to children over new Prime Energy drink

Doctor issues warning to children over new Prime Energy drink

The new drink has taken the country by storm

A warning has been issued over Prime's new energy drink.

Unless you've been living under a rock over the past few weeks, you'll be well aware of the excitement being generated about KSI and Logan Paul's drink range.

Videos have been doing the rounds on social media showing manic scenes of crowds of shoppers piling into supermarkets and emptying the shelves of the bottles.

And while people have been really losing their s**t over Prime Hydration, they're already getting super amped up for its new range, Prime Energy.

Unless you're willing to fork out £100 to buy a can from Wakey Wines, it's not yet available to buy in the UK.

Prime Energy contains 200mg of caffeine per 355ml can.

However, before you get your orders in, a doctor has warned of the dangers energy drinks pose young children.

Though Prime Hydration has no caffeine in it at all, the new 355ml drink contains 200mg of the stuff, which is more than a 500ml can of Monster Energy, which has 160mg.

Speaking to the Mirror, Dr Deborah Lee, from Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, said Prime Energy could be damaging to a child's health.

"I would not recommend children drink Prime energy drinks or other energy drinks for children of any age," she told the outlet.

"Children don't need energy drinks anyway – they have plenty of energy! If your child is lacking in energy take them to see their GP, do not give them an energy drink.

"It encourages them to want sweet drinks, when plain water is the answer and helps them develop a sweet tooth which is not good for the future in terms of a healthy diet and controlling their weight."

KSI and Logan Paul launched the drink in the US.

Dr Lee added: "Children are actively growing, and their brain, nervous system and heart function and development are crucial for their future health.

"Caffeine acts at all these sites and it would be unwise to recommend any substances which could have any deleterious effect.

"Caffeine results in an increased need to pass urine, so will not help at school with more trips to the toilet and could contribute to bed wetting."

Prime's own website also advises that the drink should not be consumed by children.

It states: "Prime Energy contains 200mg of caffeine, per 12 oz. can. PRIME Energy is not recommended for children under the age of 18, women who are pregnant or nursing or individuals who are sensitive to caffeine."

LADbible has contacted Prime for comment.

Featured Image Credit: RayArt Graphics / Alamy

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