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Eddie Hall almost vomits after agreeing to be punched full force in stomach by Tommy Fury

Eddie Hall almost vomits after agreeing to be punched full force in stomach by Tommy Fury

It turns out that getting punched really hard in the stomach is not great on a full stomach

Eddie Hall got a decent idea of just how hard Tommy Fury can hit after hanging out with the boxer in a 'diet swap/boxing' video for his YouTube channel.

Hall and Fury ended up seeing what it felt like to be punched by the other, with some appropriate safety gear on of course, but then Hall said he wanted to feel how hard Tommy could hit without a body protector.

Note to self, do not get punched in the stomach after eating a big breakfast.
YouTube/Eddie Hall The Beast

The strongman said he wanted to 'have a bit of fun with this' while Fury protested, but after easily taking a swing at 10 percent, things got a little worrying.

Tommy then threw a punch at Hall's stomach which was meant to be about 'about 30, 40' percent power, and it was enough for Hall to make a little retching noise.

It didn't stop the punches from coming, however, as Fury then landed a much stronger hit on Hall's belly, which caused him to make more retching noises and need a bit of a lean.

The strongman explained that the punch 'has really just brought everything up five inches' before letting out a loaded burp, followed by another one.

Hall let out some burps which Tommy Fury worried were about to signal vomit.
YouTube/Eddie Hall The Beast

Hall suspected he might be about to be sick, warning Fury 'that's coming up now' as the boxer called for a bucket in case there was imminent vomit.

A few more troubling burps and a bit of a lean later, the danger of vomiting appeared to have passed and Hall was willing to admit Fury's fist contained 'some power in that'.

Getting hit in the stomach is not to most pleasant of experiences at the best of times, but Hall had just recently scoffed down a pretty sizeable breakfast in an earlier part of the video.

He and Fury had been in Captain Kook's Diner, Stoke-on-Trent, for a big breakfast to start the day and Hall had ordered something called a 'full captain's breakfast'.

It took a bit out of Hall.
Eddie Hall The Beast/YouTube

Going by the maxim that 'you know it's good' if a place like Captain Kook's has been open for so many years, Hall decided to add some extras onto his plate to bulk out his already substantial meal.

A 'full captain's breakfast' is two slices of bacon, two sausages, an egg, beans, tomato, fried bread and two slices of toast to mop it all up.

Hall wanted to add another sausage, black pudding, hash browns, mushrooms and another lot of fried bread to his plate, which might explain why he felt the contents of his stomach shifting worryingly upwards when Fury punched him.

Fury said it was a 'strong breakfast' and plumped for the same menu choice, adding another bit of fried bread, hash browns, mushrooms and an oatcake to his meal.

The boxer admitted that since his victory over Jake Paul he's 'put on three stone in four weeks', though he's got an eye on stepping back into the ring with a new opponent.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Eddie Hall The Beast

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