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Eddie Hall's 10-year-old son is already lifting dumbbells a lot heavier than most adult beginners can lift

Eddie Hall's 10-year-old son is already lifting dumbbells a lot heavier than most adult beginners can lift

Like father, like son I suppose

Eddie Hall's son looks like a chip off the old block when it comes to weightlifting as he keeps posting videos where he's absolutely smashing it.

The 10-year-old has even managed to lift more than most adults can manage when it comes to the dumbbells so he must be doing something right.

Obviously it can't hurt that young Maximus has got pretty much the best teacher you could have in the form of his dad Eddie, but he's still doing a damn good job of lifting.

Maximus has been posting his father-son workouts to his Beast Jnr YouTube channel and he might have a legitimate claim to be the world's strongest 10-year-old.

He's already capable of benching more than most adults with the barbell without too much difficulty and his lifting ability clearly extends to the dumbbells too.

That's a 10-year-old lifting more than most adults could manage.
YouTube/Maximus Hall - Beast Jnr

In one of his recent videos he posted footage of himself and his dad doing a 'chest workout' where he was lifting a pair of 17.5kg dumbbells pretty handily.

He also swapped out with his dad a few times and Eddie is certainly no beginner, hoisting a pair of 80kg dumbbells over his head whenever it was his turn to do a few reps.

Lifting those 17.5kg weights wasn't enough to wipe out the 10-year-old, as his workout video continued and he put himself through further punishment.

He was even able to switch up to a pair of 20kg dumbbells under some close supervision from his dad.

For reference, an adult beginner to weightlifting would be advised to start bench pressing dumbbells of 16kg.

The ones Maximus was lifting are the sort of thing you'd see an adult tackle once they'd got a bit of experience under their belt and here's this 10-year-old easily able to handle them.

Eddie Hall and his son Maximus enjoy working out together.
YouTube/Maximus Hall - Beast Jnr

All that training is clearly having an effect too as in the video he was able to knock over father Eddie as a bit of a prank, sending the champion weightlifter tumbling to the ground with laughter.

People watching the workout videos were heartily impressed by young Max, praising him for tackling the 20kg dumbbells when he was just 10 years old.

One person said it was 'mad how strong you are' while another said he had 'amazing' intensity and focus in his training.

Someone else said he was looking like a 'true champion in the making', and he certainly seems to be doing pretty well in the workouts with his dad.

Hall became the 'world's strongest man' back in 2017 which is all the more impressive when you think about his preparations for the big day involved drinking a bottle of vodka and waking up realising he'd p***ed and s**t himself.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Maximus Hall

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