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Elite sex club organiser shares what happens during its members' £40,000 naked parties

Elite sex club organiser shares what happens during its members' £40,000 naked parties

The organiser of one of the world's most exclusive sex clubs has spilled the beans on what goes on behind their closed doors

Elite sex club Snctm is so exclusive that potential members have to pay an annual subscription fee of up to £42,000 ($50,000) to be included.

Even if someone has the money to be a paid-up member of the club, they still need to be approved by something called the 'Dominus Council', though they say 'elegant and intriguing women' who get the nod can attend without paying.

Every month, the private club puts on events which allow people, whether they be single or married, to indulge their desires and erotic fantasies.

The club has multiple branches where they host events and parties each month, and one of the main figures in their New York City branch has opened up about what goes in inside the sex club.

The elite sex club has a black tie dress code, and you're expected to bring your own mask to hide your identity.

Performance artist Inka Navala said that Snctm offered their wealthy members 'a more artistic form of sex', with things starting elegantly as people are dressed in tuxedos and evening gowns which are gradually shed over the course of the night.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she explained that it's all about the club's members getting to enjoy a 'consensual experience', with no phones or recording devices allowed inside.

Consent is the most important thing for the club, as touching without permission will get a person thrown out and banned.

While the dress code for Snctm's parties is 'black tie', people are expected to dress appropriately, and since the identities of the members are supposed to remain confidential, members are also expected to bring a masquerade mask to wear.

Inka said that planning a party for Snctm involved creating a new theme for each one, and she said she enjoyed 'giving little hints of different kinds of fetishes' with her designs.

According to the club's owners, they also curates their guest list so they believe they are hosting the right sort of people for the party.

Applicants must provide everything from a 'clear, recent photo' of themselves to their sexual fantasies.

While Snctm's parties start out as black tie they certainly don't end that way.

Meanwhile, if you want a sex club experience but don't want to pay sex club prices, then you could always get a few people together and put together a swingers club.

The idea is pretty much the same that you'll be having loads of people round who will all be having sex with each other, though you might want to do a bit of redecorating the home to make space for the 'massive orgy bed'.

Obviously with this sort of thing communication is really important, and apparently wearing pineapple-themed clothing is supposed to be a secret signal (perhaps not so secret anymore) that you're into the lifestyle.

This can lead to some awkward situations, however, as a couple of swingers explained that they'd sometimes confused people they met in the supermarket who just happened to have a haphazardly positioned pineapple in their trolley.

Of course sex clubs aren't immune from crossed wires themselves, even if you'd assume that everyone there is aware of what's going on.

One woman managed to accidentally go to the top sex club in Berlin after missing several obvious signs, including being told to strip down to her underwear before going inside and seeing people having sex there.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@snctmsociety

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