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Elle Brooke shuts down Piers Morgan as she reveals she makes ‘double’ what he earns

Elle Brooke shuts down Piers Morgan as she reveals she makes ‘double’ what he earns

The OnlyFans star was grilled about her career choice by Piers Morgan

OnlyFans model Elle Brooke was quick to shut down Piers Morgan’s questions about how much she earns, telling the former Good Morning Britain host she probably brings home ‘double’ his income.

Brooke, who has recently turned her hand to boxing, appeared on TalkTV where she was grilled by Morgan over her choice of career.

Brooke revealed that she had been studying law at the University of Southampton, when she first decided to join OnlyFans and later dropped out of university altogether to pursue a full-time career on the subscription only site.

Morgan said: "I'm just curious about you being someone who embarks on a law career, was obviously very bright, went to university [and] packed it in just for money to be effectively an online stripper. I mean, that's what you do."

Elle Brooke appeared on TalkTV where she spoke about her decision to join OnlyFans.

To which Brooke was quick to hit back that what she did on the platform was 'way worse than an online stripper'.

Brooke revealed: "I do things that are way more grotesque."

She continued: "Pornography, anything, but it's all within what I want to do and I absolutely love it and I'm really good at it.

"You know I could be a good lawyer - yes. But also, am I good at doing other things on video on camera? Yes!"

Opening up about her decision to quit university, Brooke told Morgan: “I wouldn’t have made loads of money as a solicitor anyway. I would have made money, yes, but I earn that in two weeks now.”

This prompted Morgan to inquire just how much she actually makes on the platform.

The OnlyFans star is in the top 0.01 percent of creators.

“I earn a lot,” she replied. “How much do you make? Maybe, like, double that. I earn a lot of money.

“I don’t want to give a specific number, but I am 0.01 percent on OnlyFans, so I’m as top as it gets. It means [I am] the best of the best.”

Later on in the interview, Morgan began to press Brooke on whether she’d like children and, if so, what they might think of her career - but once again, the content creator wasted no time in shutting him down with a cheeky joke.

Morgan said: “Are you going to be proud that you have your little ones and they look at you and go, 'Didn't you want to be a lawyer mummy, what happened?' and you go, 'Yeah but, look at all my stuff'."

Cracking a smile, Brooke swiftly responded: "They can cry in a Ferrari."

Featured Image Credit: Talk TV

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