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​Chocolate Digestive Named Greatest Biscuit Of All Time On National Biscuit Day

​Chocolate Digestive Named Greatest Biscuit Of All Time On National Biscuit Day

It managed to beat the humble custard cream in the grand final of the LADbible Twitter poll

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

You're sat at your nan's house with a brew in your hand, a plate piled high with biscuits on the coffee table before you. It's the dream set-up, but also one that's filled with pressure.

The old dear's done well - as always - ensuring there's a biscuit for just about every taste and preference. However, this also means there's a difficult choice to be made.

A pile of delicious biscuits.

You could start off with something neutral before working your way up to the sweeter stuff, but you can't guarantee the exciting ones will still be there when you want them.

Rather than phoning a friend (which would be weird) you should probably just ask the audience - who, it turns out, have already spoken - having voted the humble chocolate digestive as the greatest biscuit of all time.

A plate of plain digestive biscuits.

In a LADbible poll, we asked the world (AKA our two million Twitter followers) what their favourite biscuit barrel staple was.

The first semi-final pitted custard creams, bourbons, chocolate Hobnobs and Fox's Rounds against each other, with the brilliantly beige custard cream coming out on top.

The second heat saw chocolate malted milks, chocolate digestives, Jammie Dodgers and Choco Leibniz battle it out - and the chocolate digestive received the most votes.

Those two winners then went head-to-head in our grand final, which was when the chocolate digestive asserted its dominance and won by a landslide.

I mean, it's no wonder really, as they're pretty great biscuits. They're sweet, without being cloying. They're a sturdy dunker. They're a classic for a reason, right? Keeping it simple and working its way into the nation's hearts/stomachs.

Naturally, not everyone was pleased with the results - with many taking to Twitter to protest against the chocolate digestive's win.

"This is a disgrace," one angry biscuit lover tweeted.

"Imagine not voting custard cream smh," another said.

A third added: "Literally the worst two possible final contenders."

The internet is a democracy, but as we know, the public is never predictable when asked to decide on a major issue.

However, sadly for the haters, the people have spoken - and whether you like it or not, the chocolate digestive is our deserving winner.

And if you're not happy? Well, at least there'll be more of them on the plate for us next time we're at our nan's. Or your nan's.

Happy National Biscuit Day, everyone. Dunk me.

Featured Image Credit: McVitie's

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