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Customer Gets Out Own Scales To Weigh 'Really Small' 6oz Steak At Restaurant

Customer Gets Out Own Scales To Weigh 'Really Small' 6oz Steak At Restaurant

Antonio Chacon was out for a birthday meal with his family on 8 July at Texas Roadhouse in Pueblo, Colorado

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A restaurant customer who thought his 6oz steak looked a little on the small side decided to whip out his very own set of scales at the table, and he says the weight came in at just 3.68oz.

Antonio Chacon was out for a birthday meal with his family on 8 July at Texas Roadhouse in Pueblo, Colorado.

The 22-year-old ordered his go-to meal of ribs and steak with fries and mashed potato, but when the dish arrived in front of him, he noticed his sirloin looked 'really small'.

Antonio then ran out to the car and grabbed some weighing scales from his toolbox, before returning to find out the steak's true weight as the waiter looked on in 'shock'.

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After complaining that the his 6oz cut actually weighed 3.68oz, he posted a picture online to share his disappointment - his picture having now attracted more than 16,000 reactions and 92,000 shares.

While some people commented to brand his actions the 'most Karen thing ever', pointing out that the listed weight of the meat is for before it is cooked, not after, Antonio remains frustrated about the incident.

Antonio, who is from Pueblo, said: "It'd been my birthday. I ordered the ribs and steak. I got a 6oz steak and when they brought it, it looked really small.

"I've eaten there before and I know my steaks. I'd never really thought about weighing it [before].

"If it's 6oz steak, you'd have thought it'd be 6oz no matter what - even when it's cooked."

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Antonio, who is currently unemployed, claims he then rushed out to his car, and returned with small electronic scales to measure the meat under the waiter's watch.

He said: "I went with my mum, dad, girlfriend and my brothers and my two stepdaughters. They were laughing.

"My dad said 'go get that scale we just got'. I grabbed it and I did ask permission. I made sure I asked the main manager because I would have felt disrespectful doing that if I hadn't.

"I asked the manager 'Do you think I can weigh it?'

"She said 'Yes, no problem. Go ahead'."

Antonio continued: "It weighed 3.6oz. The waiter was like 'Oh, it'll weigh 4oz or 5oz'.

"I said 'No, this looks small. It looks like a children's meal'. I'd ordered an adult meal.

Kennedy News and Media

"That was the first time it'd happened, but then again I hadn't thought about weighing it before.

"I never knew steak shrunk. I guess it does a little bit, but it shouldn't shrink that much."

Antonio said staff kindly remade his meal and even asked the chef to bring out his food - which looked 'way bigger and lot better' the second time round. He was also given a discount.

Antonio added: "I'd definitely advise others to do this in the future to avoid getting caught out."

Some social media users commented in disbelief, pointing out that the weight specified is always the weight before cooking.

Kennedy News and Media

Others joked it was his own fault for ordering his steak well-done.

One wrote: "It's 6oz when you order it then they cook it and it'll obviously weigh less."

Another said: "You actually took a scale to a restaurant? If this isn't the most Karen thing I've ever seen then I don't know what is."

A third added: "Your first mistake was getting it well done."

LADbible has contacted Texas Roadhouse for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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