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Doritos 'Loaded' Nacho Cheese Snacks Could Be The Greatest Food Ever

Doritos 'Loaded' Nacho Cheese Snacks Could Be The Greatest Food Ever

A melted cheese centre and a crunchy Doritos outer - what more could you want?

We all surely can agree that Doritos are an amazing snack, so if you love those tasty crisps you best hold on to your nachos because Doritos LOADED are a thing. And they look amazing.

PepsiCo, Frito-Lay

The PepsiCo Frito-Lay division have really upped their game when they released Doritos Loaded - they're a bite-sized, triangle-shaped snack loaded with melted cheese and covered in a crispy Doritos-flavored crust.

Just take all that in for a minute.

Doritos Loaded provides a new way to experience Doritos by combining two classic favorites - Doritos and nachos - together with a bold twist.

We're not talking your normal snack here, in fact, it is the only "Inside-Out Nacho" already made for you and they come in two mouth-watering flavours: 'Nacho cheese' and 'Jalapeno and cheese'.

For fans of a more subtle taste the company did release a 'Cool Ranch' flavour to get stuck into.

They definitely look like the perfect edition to a night in with Netflix, even people on social media are going mad to get their hands on a box.

One person tweeted: "Just take my money already, I need these."

Another said: "They look like they'd put me in a coma on the first bite."

A third person replied to a friend's 'mixed feelings' comment with the tweet: "100% good feeling towards those*"

PepsiCo FritoLay

Doritos LOADED aren't new to the scene, in fact the snacks made a big debut a few years ago just in time for National Nachos Day - yes, that is a thing - in the US.

If you're still mourning the loss of the 3D Dorito (RIP), the concept of a warm puffy, cheese-filled Dorito seems like an ideal substitution.

Yes, a box of four could be adding around 350 calories to your diet, but a Dorito with a warm melted cheesy centre seems worth the sacrifice.

The only set back to these cheesy wonders is they are only available in the US - for the British fans of the crisps we can't get them, yet. Get a move on Doritos we're waiting.

Featured Image Credit: PepsiCo Frito-Lay

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