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Marks & Spencer Is Selling A 'Love Sausage' For Valentine's Day

Marks & Spencer Is Selling A 'Love Sausage' For Valentine's Day

No, it's not a Spinal Tap song

So, it's a week until Valentine's Day. Have you bought that special someone a gift and a card yet? Well, if you haven't, perhaps you shouldn't. Just encourage them to tuck into a love sausage instead.

Get your mind out of the gutter. I don't mean that sort of love sausage. I'm talking - of course - about a heart-shaped sausage that Marks & Spencer is selling ahead of the big day.

Yep, the shop that caters almost exclusively to grandmas around the country posted a tweet with the potentially controversial caption: "Are you ready for our Love Sausage?"

Not sure that we are, M&S. That sounds altogether too much like a Spinal Tap song, if we're being honest.

Marks & Spencer's 'love sausage'.

The tweet continued: "Heart-shaped, lightly-truffled, wrapped in bacon and in store tomorrow. Say it with sausages - tag who you'll be sharing your Love Sausage with this Valentine's Day!"

Hmm, OK then.

Anyway, putting aside the fact that it's obviously an attempt to seem a bit risque ahead of 14 February, it does actually look like a pretty damn good sausage.

Particularly the two eggs cracked in the middle. More of a breakfast than anything else, but still, tasty.

Presumably you can enjoy it without the rose petals, or tea lights, or even without having a partner whatsoever.

Obviously, the sausage has been creating a bit of a stir on Twitter. When you think about it, that's exactly what Marks & Spencer wanted in the first instance, so they're presumably really happy about that.

One happy customer said: "The social media team at @marksandspencer have just 'won' Twitter for the day, give up folks, nothing to see here but some #LoveSausage."

Another added: "Brilliant. How advertising should be done."

Of course, not everyone was so enamoured with the love sausage. Also on Twitter, another person commented: "Don't like sausages so won't be buying them, probably expensive too."

Jeez, imagine taking your time to add that zinger to the debate.

This is not just a love sausage...this is an M&S love sausage.

Another person added: "Love sausage? Have I slept through Feb and March and woken up on April Fool's day?!?"

Either way, you can bet that Mark & Spencer will be happy with its efforts. After all, Valentine's Day is something of a free hit for companies looking to cash in on people's affection for one another.

Amongst the others getting involved is Wetherspoon - which is offering a romantic meal for two - an online company which are selling 'beard bouquets' and Poundland, which is selling a £5 vibrator.

And they say romance is dead...

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