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The Internet Is Divided Over Whether Pot Noodle Sandwiches Are OK

Tom Wood

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The Internet Is Divided Over Whether Pot Noodle Sandwiches Are OK

Right, I get the feeling that this is going to divide opinion. A guy has suggested on the internet that the only way that it is acceptable to eat a Pot Noodle is with two slices of white bread in the form of a sandwich.

That might not sound like the most important issue of the day, but - because this is 2018 - it is definitely causing some lively debate online. Naturally the reactions are completely polarised, and nobody can quite agree.

The offending Pot Noodle sandwich. Credit: Reddit
The offending Pot Noodle sandwich. Credit: Reddit

This story is vaguely reminiscent of the time that Americans discovered chip butties or thought that they invented the sausage roll.

The topic was first raised in a Reddit thread in which one brave poster stuck their head above the virtual parapet and showed how, each time he eats a Pot Noodle, they pour away the water and remove the noodles to put them between the two slices of bread.

They also appear to be a huge fan of butter, if the picture is anything to go by.

The original poster stuck that onto the internet and opened up a can of worms straight away by captioning it: "The only way a Pot Noodle should be eaten."

Well, not sure about the only way. It's certainly a way to do it.

The accepted way to eat a Pot Noodle. Credit: PA
The accepted way to eat a Pot Noodle. Credit: PA

Not many folks would argue with the inclusion of a couple of bits of bread, but to be dipped in. The sandwich seems like overkill, to be quite honest.

Anyway, as mentioned before, a lot of people aren't on board. The main response is revulsion. One user commented: "Mods, ban please. From life."

Another added simply: "Delete this."


However, there were some people who weren't as bothered by the whole thing. One even went as far as to say: "I quite like Pot Noodle and chips myself but your 'pot noodle butty' looks pretty tasty."

Pot Noodle and chips? That person truly is living in 3018.

Choose your weapon... Credit: PA
Choose your weapon... Credit: PA

With that all said, there is a special place in hell reserved for some of the other behaviour that has been reported after the revelation of the Pot Noodle sarnie.

One person dobbed their cousin in, saying: "Once I saw my cousin pour salt into his chicken pot noodle and then scoop it out using a broken piece of a dairy milk chocolate Easter egg. He said it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be and kept eating it.

"This post looks completely normal to me after being exposed to that."

Good Lord. What barbarism is this?

Featured Image Credit: PA/Reddit

Topics: Food, News, Food And Drink, Reddit

Tom Wood
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