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You Can Now Have A Kebab Every Day With Your Own Home Rotisserie

You Can Now Have A Kebab Every Day With Your Own Home Rotisserie

The impressive piece of kit can cook up to seven kebabs at once

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

If you're a meat-eater, the chances are you have staggered into a chippy at 3 am, a tad worse for wear, and demolished a doner kebab.

At the end of it all, you're left with just one wish, that you could have one every day.

Well, we are here to tell you that the dream is now a reality, with home rotisseries currently on sale at eBay for just £59,95. There is a God.

Kitchen appliance firm Daniel James launched the revolutionary piece of kit and it's big enough to cook a large chicken or up to seven kebabs at once. At. Once.

It can also cook up to three plates of veg - or fish - so with the weather getting a bit better and summer on the horizon, no one will be left out at the BBQ.

According to the advert: "The 360 rotation cooks quicker and more evenly than in a conventional oven and fat drains away into the drip away."

And it's also 'compact', which makes it 'ideal' for the home or caravan. What more could you want?

The impressive piece of kit costs less than £60.
eBay/Daniel Jones

According to reports, the incredible offer was first launched on Facebook, and home owners have been falling over themselves to get their hands on one.

One person wrote: "I need this in my life."

While another said: "I feel like this is an essential piece of equipment."

But, if for some reason this doesn't whet your appetite, how about the 'cheebab'? Yep, you've guessed it it's a kebab made entirely out of cheese.

Why should meat-eaters have all the fun?

The innovative creation comes from Roland Rüegg of Zurich-based dairy farm Natürli, which describes the product as 'the new, tasty, vegetarian kebab variant from Zürioberländer milk'.

And it can cook up to seven kebabs at once.
eBay/Daniel Jones

Speaking to Munchies, Rüegg said the cheesy kebab has been a hit with customers since it was launched last year. We're not surprised, really.

Rüegg said: "I had a hunch that kebab shops could offer something with cheese, and we also like to work on new recipes in production.

"From the initial vision to the first usable result, it took us about a year between the recipe and the production.

"The Cheebab has been around since May of 2018 and we've been overrun with requests ever since."

If you want to get your hands on home rotisserie, click here.

Featured Image Credit: eBay/Daniel Jones

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