People's Minds Are Blown By The Auction Rule In Monopoly

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People's Minds Are Blown By The Auction Rule In Monopoly

Since its inception in 1935, Monopoly has served as a platform to tear families, relationships and friendships apart. Whether it's a shady banker, unruly purchasing tactics or relentless bad luck in rolling the dice, the game usually ends in tears, fights or someone tossing the board game in the bin.

One of the more frustrating moments occurs when you eye up a property, only to see someone else land on it first.

But one person has set social media ablaze by highlighting a seemingly lesser known rule about acquiring property.


The user is indeed right.

According to the rules: "If the player lands on an unowned property, whether street, railroad, or utility, they can buy the property for its listed purchase price. If they decline this purchase, the property is auctioned off by the bank to the highest bidder, including the player who declined to buy."

This certainly would have changed the outcome in many of the games I played as a youngster - plenty of players might have dismissed the opportunity to buy Pall Mall or Leicester Square.

One LAD's trash is another LAD's treasure.


It seems as though the news of the rule has caused quite a stir on social media.

One person wrote: "Holy MOLY! That takes strategy/risk taking UP A DAMN LEVEL! I am so down for this rule. Thank you for the tip off!"


Another said: "Speeds up game enormously and guaranteed to divert all pre-existing family animosities into silent resentment as they are bankrupted far sooner."

However, a third user couldn't believe this wasn't common knowledge, writing: "Always amazed by the amount of people that don't know this. HOW CAN YOU BUY A GAME AND NOT READ THE RULES?"

According to official figures, the average playing time is between 60-240 minutes.

Surely this rule will be pretty handy for anyone looking to bring the game to a speedier conclusion.

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