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BBC news presenter heckled by passerby on live TV shouting 'bring back Gary Lineker'

BBC news presenter heckled by passerby on live TV shouting 'bring back Gary Lineker'

It comes after BBC issued an apology to viewers.

While reporting on the latest in the Match of the Day crisis in a live broadcast, a BBC News presenter was heckled by a passerby who shouted 'bring back Gary Lineker'.

The BBC announced on Friday, 10 March that Lineker would be stepping back from presenting Match of the Day until there was 'an agreed and clear position on his use of social media.'

It came after Lineker posted a tweet that criticised the UK government over its handling of the migrant crisis, comparing the language used in the Illegal Migration Bill to that used in Nazi Germany.

Within hours, the BBC Sport tower came toppling down, with Ian Wright and Alan Shearer agreeing not to appear on Match of the Day in solidarity with Lineker.

By Friday night, the BBC confirmed that Saturday's show would not have a presenter at all, and would 'focus on match action without studio presentation or punditry'.

Other stars like Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Osman, and Fatboy Slim have also spoken out in solidarity with Gary.

Fans have also agreed to boycott the weekly football highlights show until Lineker is reinstated.

Gary Lineker won't present Match of the Day today.

A petition to bring Lineker back, that already has over 170,000 signatures, points out that 'many other BBC faces have posted controversial opinions on social media without sanction,' and that the BBC has 'undermined its own reputation of impartiality' by taking Lineker off air.

That's why it's almost expected that a live BBC News broadcast was interrupted on Saturday with calls from a passerby to 'bring back Gary Lineker.'

On Saturday afternoon, fans at Leicester City's Premier League match against Chelsea could be seen holding up signs in support of Gary, who was also on the grounds.

"I'm with Gary. Migrants Welcome," read some signs.

"Gary Gary Gary Lineker. Stand up to racism," read another.

And it's not only Match of the Day that's under pressure after the BBC's decision to pull Gary.

Fans are calling for Lineker to be put back on air.

Alex Scott has announced that she'll be standing down from Football Focus this weekend, while Jason Mohammad confirmed he'd withdrawn from Final Score, in solidarity with Lineker.

Both shows have already been replaced on the BBC TV schedule.

The BBC has since confirmed that it could only air 'limited sports programming' as they work 'to resolve the situation'.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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