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£1 hangover pill will help you through the football

£1 hangover pill will help you through the football

A hangover pill you can pick up for £1 each should be the perfect tonic for football-induced hangovers


A pill developed to reduce the effects of a hangover is just the thing you need to prepare for a fun night of celebrating the footie.

Football is taking over our screens once more and that means plenty of Brits will be out in the pubs each night watching the action while many more will be raising a glass of their own in the comfort of their own homes.

Over the course of 90 minutes (and really more than that when you throw in half time and all the minutes added on) you’re probably going to get a few drinks down you, and then maybe more after the match to either celebrate or commiserate depending on the result.

When it comes to hangover pill Myrkl the proof is in the pudding as it’s the first product to demonstrate that it can effectively break down alcohol and in turn reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

Developed by Swedish company de Faire Medical, the pill works best when you take two at least an hour before you go out drinking so it can break down the booze you’re planning to consume and lessen the hangover you’re dreading in the morning.

Taking two of these before a night out will help alleviate the worst of the hangover you might have next morning.

Here’s the science-y bit: when you drink alcohol it normally gets broken down in your liver into something called acetaldehyde, which produces acetic acid – and that’s what messes with your body when you drink.

Taking two Myrkl pills before you drink breaks down up to 70 percent of the alcohol into water and carbon dioxide before it reaches the liver, significantly reducing the hangover you’re in for the next morning.

We should tell you right now that this is not a licence to get absolutely smashed, even if your team does play better than they ever have done before.

Myrkl have said their pill is not an excuse to drink more than you normally would, there is only so much the pill can do to reduce the impact of the hangover you’d be getting the next morning and it won’t stop you from getting drunk either, which carries a whole list of risks by itself.

Instead, it’s to help ‘regular moderate drinkers’ avoid the punishing effects of a hangover the morning after the night before, if you want to toast your post-match glee or glumness with a few drinks it’s worth trying.

Here's the scientific explanation behind the way it all works.

LADbible have tried this hangover pill for ourselves to see if it works and are happy to report that after a night of four drinks our brave and intrepid reporter was able to get a good eight hours’ sleep and wake up in the morning feeling much better than she expected.

The worst she felt was a bit of a headache which quickly disappeared and even managed to get in a session at the gym without wanting to throw up.

You can buy the hangover pills in boxes of 30 tablets, so that’s up to 15 nights out where you don’t wake up the next morning with a punishing hangover.

Available on their website, a box of 30 pills would normally cost you £30 but if you use the code ‘FOOTBALL’ you’ll get 25 percent off your next order.

When they first went on sale in the UK, Myrkl sold out six months’ worth of stock in the first 24 hours so if you’re interested it’s probably best not to wait around too long.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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