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NHS issues advice to Brits who plan on constantly drinking from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day

NHS issues advice to Brits who plan on constantly drinking from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day

Representatives from the National Health Service offered some sage advice and warnings last Yuletide.

The National Health Service has previously issued warnings for those looking to get a little tipsy at Christmas.

For many, December is the perfect excuse to indulge in booze, try out a plethora of festive-themed fast food, and dig into classic pub burgers with a twist.

A Christmas party (or two) could be on the cards, and maybe you’ve already planned a day out drinking mulled wine at the local markets with your family.

Ahead of last year’s Chrimbo, the NHS offered some tips and tricks to liquor lovers who are planning to spend Christmas in an alcohol-induced stupor - and they're perfect for this Xmas season, too.

Dr Neil O’Brien, GP and executive medical director for North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB) said: “While we want everyone to enjoy the Christmas festivities over the new few weeks we ask that you take some simple steps to make sure you do this safely.

“Sometimes unfortunate accidents can occur and a night of celebration can turn into a night at a local emergency department.”

He added that while the health service wants everyone to ‘have a good time’, he wants to remind those celebrating Christmas to ‘limit their drinking’.

“You don’t want to spend your valuable Christmas holidays in hospital or feeling dreadful because you’ve overdone it,” Dr O’Brien added.

Last year, the NHS issued warnings to those who will be drinking alcohol over Christmas.
Pexels/Any Lane

Speaking of booze, Susan Taylor, head of alcohol policy at Balance, has also warned drinkers to be sensitive this season.

Last year, she wrote to remind festive fans that that alcohol isn’t always at the centre of everybody’s celebrations.




“When it comes to Christmas, people can often feel under pressure to drink – but it’s important that we let friends make their own choices,” she explained.

“We might not know when people want to cut down or stop drinking for health, religious, cultural or financial reasons – or simply because they don’t want a drink.”

Susan added that some people can often feel ‘uncomfortable’ about being pressured into guzzling festive tipples.

“The festive period is a wonderful time to celebrate but we would encourage everyone to enjoy this in an inclusive and sensitive way,” she said.

The health service also reminded readers to be mindful of those who do not drink this festive season.

So, if you are planning to consume a colossal amount of booze this Yuletide, you can can expect to experience a few heavy hangovers.

However, if you want to potentially avoid a sore head, aching arms, and bouts of overwhelming nausea, then a dietician has recommended that you include gut-friendly fermented foods in your diet.

Registered dietitian Lucy Kerrison told MailOnline that foods such as kimchi, kombucha and kefir could help alleviate those pesky hangover systems.

The Londoner also said that these foods boost gut and liver health. This reportedly helps the body to flush alcohol from the system quicker.

So, if you are still planning on drinking throughout the Christmas period, you may want to keep a tub of kimchi in the cupboard.

Better safe than sorry, right?

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