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Four methods to get rid of 'blue balls' as people aim to complete No Nut November

Four methods to get rid of 'blue balls' as people aim to complete No Nut November

Men can get rid of the painful sensation with these simple methods

Being unable to reach the finish line in all aspects of life is a frustrating experience to deal with.

But it is apparently also downright painful for blokes when it happens in the bedroom.

You may have heard the term 'blue balls' being chucked around if you have ever left your fella high and dry between the sheets.

Prepare to hear it on a daily basis throughout this month, as men taking part in No Nut November will no doubt be complaining.

If you weren't aware, lads abstain from ejaculating for four weeks to practice self control to apparently boost their overall wellbeing and mental clarity.

They are probably avoiding their turn ons at all costs, but some temptations may manage to slip through the net.

But if they're playing by the rules, men can't climax - so they may instead be left with an unpleasant sensation downstairs.

Blokes can be struck down with 'blue balls' if they are sexually aroused for a prolonged period without ejaculating.

Some describe is at as a strange ache, a feeling of heaviness, or straight up discomfort in their testicles.

Obviously this feels like the end of the world for the majority of the male species, who double over and clutch their crotches in agony.

'Blue balls' can leave blokes writhing in pain.
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Officially known as epididymal hypertension, it occurs when there's an increase in blood flow to your genitals when you're aroused which brings about an erection.

The veins that typically take blood away from the genitals restrict and trap it there.

When you ejaculate and you've hit the peak of arousal, the blood vessels return to their usual size and everything goes back down to normal.

But if you don't release this build-up of pressure, the blood flow will be uncomfortably inflating your genitals.

Luckily - according to Verywell health - there are a few methods you can try that can help banish your 'blue balls'.

Let's get the obvious one out of the way - masturbation.

It's an on-hand - literally - remedy to get rid of the testicular pain, which is backed by health experts.

Doing your business will obviously get rid of the backlog and your erection, which stops the unpleasant sensation in your testicles. Though this will put an abrupt end to No Nut November.

Taking pain relief can help relieve your discomfort.
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A cold shower can also help combat 'blue balls', as the sobering shock of low temperatures is a sure fire way to get rid of that frisky feeling.

As well as putting an end to your horniness, it can also help reduce any genital swelling, as would a cold compress.

Although it may be the last thing on your mind, men could also try to use exercise, especially strength training, to sort the problem.

Working out can help divert the flow of blood from the testicles to other major muscle groups and around the body.

Over-the-counter painkillers can also help reduce your discomfort, while anti-inflammatory tablets will reduce any inflammation.

But, of course, always consult a medical professional before raiding the medicine cabinet.

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