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Man who vaped every day for years posts photo of himself as a harrowing warning to others

Man who vaped every day for years posts photo of himself as a harrowing warning to others

He has warned his followers about the addiction

More emphasis has been put on the dangers of vaping in recent times, following its sharp rise in popularity in the late 2010s.

The worry around the addiction, and particularly around younger people getting hooked, has prompted the UK government to impose a ban on them.

The ban will impose new laws that will restrict certain flavours, ensure they're displayed in less appealing packaging and give fines to shops in England that illegally sell vapes to kids.

But even for adults, there are numerous health concerns and conditions that come from excessive vaping, which probably have a lot to do with how they are manufactured.

The problem with vaping is, similar to cigarettes in the mid-20th century, there is a lack of proof of any long-term effects, as it is too new for there to be any examples of what it can do in the long run.

There have been numerous studies carried out on how your body can improve after quitting the addiction though, as well as what can happen in the short-term.

There may be a lack of long-term proof, but it hasn't stopped some people from suffering from serious health problems following their use of vapes.

Joe Lawrence has shared a photo of what vaping everyday has done to his body.

He posted a photo of himself in the mirror on X, formerly Twitter, stating that he vaped 'everyday for years', but 'stopped over a year ago.'

Joe captioned the post: "Psa if you vape please consider quitting, had a hole in my lung the other day and had to be rushed to the ER because I could not breathe, thankfully I’m okay and it didn’t fully collapse.

"Please take care of yourselves and consider quitting, it’s not worth it."

In the candid photo, there are a number of medical wires and tubes attached to him to help Joe deal with his lung condition.

His account has just over 17k followers, yet the post has over 1.5 million views as people have been alerted of the dangers of vaping.

There are numerous health issues that could arise if you kept vaping excessively.
Getty Stock Photo

Viewers were shocked in the comments section, replying to Joe's honest post.

One user commented: "How do i send this to literally all my friends w out p***ing them off"

Another said: "I had a collapsed lung from vaping. Sucks man. Stay strong," with a flexing arm emoji.

A third put: "just vape nicotine free??"

To which someone replied: "Ur lungs shouldn’t be inhaling anything besides air. Nicotine or not," as many others in the replies agreed.

Featured Image Credit: X/@‌j0elawrence / Getty Stock Photo

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