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Hooters Server Reveals Seven Things She’s Sick Of Hearing

Hooters Server Reveals Seven Things She’s Sick Of Hearing

One staff member has opened up about the things she’s sick of customers saying to her

A server at Hooters has revealed the seven things she’s most fed up of hearing, ranging from crude comments about her appearance through to bizarre racial quips. 

For the uninitiated, Hooters is a restaurant chain serving bar food and beers, where servers are often seen wearing signature orange hotpants and white vests. 


One staff member has opened up about the things she’s sick of customers saying to her, having said while it’s common for people to flirt with front-of-house employee, some take it a little too far. 

Speaking to Insider, the unnamed server said she often receives remarks like ‘Are you on the menu?’ and ‘Why aren’t you smiling?’.  

She tries to shake off the former question with an inner monologue of ‘Whatever, grandpa’, but said: "You're actively working, running around doing something, going back and forth and someone will literally stop me and say, 'Why aren't you smiling? Just smile more. Aren't you happy to be here?'" 


Others might say something like ‘I like me some hot chocolate’, which she believes can contribute to the fetishisation of Black women. 

The server, who is Black herself, said: "'I love me a nice, dark feisty girl,' fetish-y phrases, I'll get those sometimes.” 

She said some comments can verge into racism, claiming she has heard customers say ‘I don't want curly hair in my food’. 

Many customers will also appear shocked when they find out how much chicken wings cost – despite the price (around $15.50 for a 10-piece meal of original wings) being displayed on the menu – asking her in disbelief ‘Wow, wings are this much?’ 


“They act like I swindled them,” the server said.  

She continued to say there’s a phrase that shows someone probably won’t leave a tip, and that’s ‘I’ll just have a water’.  

"I'm not saying you can't order water, but if there is a single guy or a giant group of teenagers and they all order water, no food, I automatically know I'm not about to get a tip," she said. 

Other remarks, meanwhile, are more reflective of people’s general misconceptions of Hooter’s and its employees, with some mistakenly convinced that ‘Hooters is a strip club’ or that ‘Hooters girls are dumb’. 

"I have a master's degree — this is my side job," she said.  

"My manager from my first store was getting her nursing degree while she was a Hooters Girl." 

LADbible has contacted Hooters for comment.

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