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Teacher explains why there are often dens made out of large sticks in forests

Teacher explains why there are often dens made out of large sticks in forests

It all makes sense now

If you go down to a forest today you may find a den made out of sticks.

They're a familiar sight during a stroll through the trees but it seems some people are often baffled about who made them in the first place.

Although some would assume the dens are obviously homes for witches, elves or other mystical beings, there's actually a very practical reason for their presence.

Someone on Reddit wanted to know exactly who is behind the forest dens. They took a picture of one in New Forest, Southampton and shared it on the messaging board for answers.

They asked: "Just wondering if anyone know who builds these little dens out of large sticks in the forest? Is it the council or woodland walkers?"

The comments weren’t lacking in answers, including countless quips.

“New build studio flat, £275,000 I think they cost,” someone replied, ridiculing the housing market.

“Sasquatch,” another Reddit user joked.

Someone else teased: "Forest witches, obvs."

While a third funny response said: “It's the council, I've been hired as a den builder for the last three years mate. There's a lot of strict rules and regulations involved so if it's a career you're thinking of getting involved in I'd recommend joining the union.”

However one primary school teacher explained it all.

Forest dens are not built by witches believe or not.
Charles Stirling / Alamy Stock Photo

“I was about to say I work in a primary school and we take the kids to go build stuff like this all the time. Just the other week two of my kids chased me away from a hut like this shouting 'go away evil witch!'

"I’m trying to not be offended about it.”

Another person replied: “My kids when in primary school used to go to 'forest school' where they did things like this, built fires etc.

A third wrote: “Our school also do forest school. I like to volunteer as a helper, never too old to play in the woods.”

Some people missed out on building dens as children.
Lozkeo / Stockimo / Alamy Stock Photo

Reminiscing about their days as a child, someone else shared: “I used to do this when I was a kid, was always fun to sit in your little insect infested wooden stick teepee.”

It's not just a school activity, as many former boy scouts in the comments said they built dens.

"Boy scouts too," said one. "We were always making stuff like this then playing capture the flag."

At least the Reddit OP knows that the council aren't spending time and money to make forest dens.

Featured Image Credit: JE Saunders / Alamy

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