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Welcome To Glastonbury's Poshest Tent Which Costs £25,000 For The Weekend

Welcome To Glastonbury's Poshest Tent Which Costs £25,000 For The Weekend

How the other half live, eh?

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Anyone that's been to any festival ever knows that it's a pretty messy affair. You're going to be hot, sweaty and condensed the second you peel your eyes open. You're going to smash through a lot of wet wipes and you're probably best not even thinking about the toilet situation. We love it though, right?

Well, what if we told you that you could have an actual flushing loo, double bed and even the luxury of a bath? Yep that's right, this is Glastonbury's poshest tent... but it'll set you back £25,000 ($31,700).

This looks remarkably different to what we have in mind when we think of festival camping.

The ultimate in glamping accommodation also comes complete with a hot tub, spa treatments... even room service, because who wants to lug five crates to the camp site?

It has leather and wooden furniture, carpets, rugs, five bedrooms - and even a space for hair and make-up.

The tent has access to a fully-stocked bar, beauty therapists and restaurant area - with guest chefs each night. Alternatively, you can keep your cans in the shade and gorge your way through a late night pizza.

There's space for hair and make up to be done.
Luxury products will be available on your arrival.
And hot tubs... just in case you fancy a dip.

Previous tenants of the posh tent include Poldark's Aiden Turner and Made In Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh. Director Guy Ritchie even tied the knot in one of the tents - not at Glasto - with Brad Pitt watching on.

The gated Pop-Up Hotel is located just moments from the festival site outside of Worthy Farm. It sleeps ten people and is part of a complex with 212 flashy tents.

Prices starting at £2,500 ($3,100) for smaller tents, and rising to £25,000 for the 10-person penthouse tents.

The 10-person tent will set you back a cool £25k.

All 200-plus tents boast double-beds, flushing toilets, towels, and a range of luxury beauty products from bath and body range Bramley Products.

Smaller tents have access to a number of communal, clean showers, while the larger tents, with five different bedrooms, have a shower inside their tents. And to think I once used a 500ml bottle of water to shower... under a gazebo... in the pouring rain.

These look a little different to the homemade showers we're used to.

The privately-run complex is not affiliated with Glastonbury Festival - but will only sell tents to people who already have Glastonbury Festival tickets.

Mark Sorrill, 49, who runs the Pop-Up Hotel with his wife Victoria, said: "We have tried to do the tents to the best that they can be. We try and raise the bar each year.

"At just a ten-minute walk from the main gate to the festival, we like to provide a place where our guests can just chill out either before or after seeing their favourite bands at the festival.

Behind the canvas of the poshest tents at Glastonbury.

"We only sell to people who already have a festival ticket - we do not offer tickets as part of our hospitality package.

"We have our own laid-back, live acoustic sets on site for when guests aren't out at the festival, and we've booked guest chefs including Tim Maddams for our restaurant.

"Our spa treatments are pretty much solidly booked out until about 4 or 5pm every day this week."

Mark added: "We do get some famous faces staying with us, and there are a couple this year, but most of our folks are just regular people who just want to treat themselves as part of the festival."

Give me a bottle shower, portaloo and pack of wet wipes any day, am I right?

Ah, who am I trying to kid?! Maybe next year...

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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