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Jon Richardson Was 'Upset' Knowing How Ill Sean Lock Was In Final Cats Does Countdown Episode

Jon Richardson Was 'Upset' Knowing How Ill Sean Lock Was In Final Cats Does Countdown Episode

Comedian Sean Lock sadly died from lung cancer last August at the age of 58

Jon Richardson has issued another emotional tribute to the late, great Sean Lock after the late comic's final appearance on 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown aired last night (11 February).

The TV and comedy world were left devastated after Lock's death in 2021.

Channel 4

At the age of 58, he died from suffering from lung cancer.

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown returned to screens earlier this month and fans were surprised to see Lock back on screen.

However, Channel 4 announced that the Friday night episode would be one of his last shows as team captain.

Richardson wrote on Twitter: "Watching Sean’s last ep of Countdown I can see how upset I was knowing he was ill and how much that affected my performance, while Sean himself continued to be effortlessly hilarious.

"A true comic to the end.

"That’s why he’s trending on Twitter and why he’s so missed."

Panellist Rosie Jones, who featured in the episode along with Harry Hill and Nick Mohammed, said watching it air was ‘bittersweet’.

Ahead of the show, she said: "Ah. This is bittersweet.

"I’m on #CatsDoesCountdown tonight and it’s Sean’s last appearance on the show."

When credits started rolling, a tribute to Lock appeared on screen, alongside the message: "In loving memory of comedy legend Sean Lock, 1963 – 2021."

Channel 4

Many took to social media during the airing of that episode.

One wrote: "The world is an exceptionally less funny place without Sean Lock in it I'm so sad."

Another shared: "I have, without fail, watched a Sean Lock video clip every day since he died.

"Even if just a few minutes long.

"Not only was he a comic genius he recognised how funny the other comedians were.

"To watch how he reacts to others performing is a treat."

A third added: "If that was Sean Lock’s final episode, we should all cheer that he got the final conundrum! Comedy genius."

Another wrote: "So that was Sean Lock’s last episode…

"I don’t usually watch because eww RR & JC, but I love Sean Lock so much #CatsCountdown."

To which, a final user concluded: "We all miss him but let's take joy from remembering him Sean Lock forever."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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