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Aussie Man’s Doorbell Camera Captures Huntsman Crawling Around

Aussie Man’s Doorbell Camera Captures Huntsman Crawling Around

The man couldn't work out why his doorbell was ringing during the middle of the night.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A doorbell camera has captured the terrifying moment a huntsman spider crawled over the top of it in Australia.

Doorbell cameras have become a massive hit as they give homeowners a tiny bit more peace of mind. Instead of wondering whether that delivery driver really did knock on your door before leaving the 'Sorry We Missed You' card, you can now have proof.

But it also means you get to see what weird and creepy things happen when you're not looking.

Imagine waking up after a peaceful sleep and looking back over the doorbell camera footage to see if anything strange happened overnight and the first thing you witness are those terrifying spindly legs.

The video has racked up thousands of likes and comments on Reddit, with many Australians calming people's fears of spiders.

Because this is believed to be a huntsman spider, they're usually pretty harmless unless you really get on the wrong side of one. They'll more or less keep all the other nasty bugs away by preying on them for you.


One person wrote: "He's just doing his routine check around the perimeter for any multi-legged b******s. Get this lad on JobKeeper."

Another added: "Mate you awake? Maaaaate. Can I use ya bong?"

A third said: "Sir, your order of roasted roach with flied rice from Delivererachnid has arrived!"

While there were loads of hilarious comments, someone was kind enough to explain what was probably happening.

"The infrared light gives warmth," the person wrote. "My spiders spin webs in front of the cameras, then my geckos come along and eat them, then the birds come along and eat the geckos, then the snakes come along and eat the birds, then it starts all over again. I just stay inside and try not to look at the cameras."

Well, thank god that explains it but it still doesn't make it any less terrifying.

Featured Image Credit: xelfer/Reddit

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